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How to decorate the house by Christmas?

Decoration of the house by Christmas and New year help to plunge into the atmosphere of the coming holidays. To conceive and create jewelry - pleasant and fascinating occupation. It does not demand any special skills or abilities. The most important here - not to limit the imagination and an ingenuity. Of course, it is possible to buy beautiful jewelry and in shop, however to realize own idea much more pleasantly and to create something original the hands.

The Christmas wreath with

Such wreaths is decorated by entrance doors of houses, apartments and offices for Christmas. At desire they can be hung up on inside doors or even walls.

Get on a fir-tree market a ready wreath from a fir-tree, a holly or other evergreen plant. For decoration of a wreath everything that will interestingly look is used literally. The main thing is your imagination and an ingenuity. I recommend to think over the general scale of a wreath at first (usually " silver; or " gold; and also one primary color, except green) and one basic element - the center of attention. However you can make everything in a different way. How many different objects to use and as them to have on a wreath - completely business of your taste and the choice. To fix elements on a wreath by conveniently special self-fixed wire of green color which can be got in the garden center.

For example, last year I decided to make the center of attention of our Christmas wreath a large bow in the Scottish style. In the Scottish " style; because it is made of a wide decorative golden tape in it is red - a green cage. Having fixed a bow on a wreath, I added several golden Christmas-tree decorations which are slightly gilded on tips of the cone and large is dark - a red star. Below attached several magnificent branches of the evergreen bush which is a little reminding a laurel tree (perhaps, one of its versions). It is pleasant to me when is present at a wreath live greens, it gives additional splendor of all composition

the Fragrant Christmas potpourri

B of traditional of winter potpourris with which centuries decorated houses for Christmas, usually use so-called winter the warming spices - cinnamon in the form of bark and powder, a carnation, ginger, a muscat, cocoa, a citrus. Such potpourri can be placed on any surface: a dining table or a coffee-table in a drawing room, a kitchen rack, and also on a terrace or in a bathroom. For maintenance of aroma it is possible to sprinkle periodically the potpourri some suitable aromatic oil (for example, orange). Only it should be done carefully because some elements of composition can lose color in those places where oil will get. If you add a candle to the potpourri as I like to do it, then it is necessary to remember that some objects in the potpourri can easily ignite.

Curious Christmas tradition - pomander , the aromatic balls made of oranges and sticks of a carnation. The word pomander comes from the French pomme d`ambre which initially called fragrant balls from gray ambergris, popular in Venice in Renaissance. Later the word began to be used for designation of elegant roundish boxes from silver, gold or an ivory in which stored the same ambergris or other substances which are well keeping smells.

Tie oranges with beautiful ribbons (it is possible to use velvet, satin, silk or made of organza) as gifts tie. After that fill a free surface of orange with carnation sticks, sticking them the sharp end in a peel. Do not forget to wipe constantly following juice a napkin that it did not soil a tape. It is possible to thrust a carnation evenly in each section, and it is possible to make some drawing of sticks or to put a sign. In process of drying oranges will decrease in a size and to mark out remarkable aroma. It is necessary to overturn periodically oranges that they dried evenly. It is possible to suspend ready pomander on a Christmas tree as ornament or to hand to the guests arriving to a festive party. After the termination of holidays place pomander in hermetically closed capacity filled with spices for several weeks that they filled the remarkable aroma, and then use them as a part of aromatic composition for a bathroom or kitchen.

Should not forget live plants and flowers about traditional winter plants with which decorate placements on holidays. The most known of them, likely, poinsettia, or Christmas star (Euphorbia pulcherrima) and mistletoe (Viscum). Perfectly and on - houses in beautiful cache-pots of a gaulteriya (Gaultheria), a skimmiya (Skimmia), evergreen artly cut box, a holly or a laurel tree Christmas look, and also it is bright - red chrysanthemums and roses. The special charm to the festive atmosphere will be added dismissed in the eyes by bulbous who are specially expelled by Christmas. Well, and the most important ornament for winter holidays - brightly decorated fragrant Christmas tree with the gifts put under it which are waiting in the wings...

The most important and favourite holidays of year - Christmas and New year come. Holiday efforts capture us from the very beginning of December. And there is no wonder, it is necessary to make very much everything. And the most important - not to miss behind vanity spirit of a magic holiday and approach something very much - very good. As in the childhood....