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How to ensure to the child safety at the dacha?

Moving of a city family with the kid on the dacha - very responsible business. The most important rule and a condition of summer resettlement - to ensure to the child safety on the new place. Look narrowly at the house and a site more attentively and estimate them from the point of view of the kid who is eager for researches and adventures.

the Country house

of the Safety rule of the country house the same, as in the apartment:

- ladders have to be fenced;

- furniture has to have the rounded-off corners;

- sockets needs to be closed caps;

- remove the heating-up electric devices and ware to those places from where they will be difficult to be got.

the Fencing

If the kid already moves independently, then you need to check reliability of a fence and latch of a gate. The latch has to be at height, inaccessible for the child, as it is madly interesting to each mischievous person that is behind a fencing.

Both halves of a gate have to approach to each other so that small fingers got stuck between them.

Refuse wire protections, metal lattices with a checkered pattern and prickly bushes.

Pay special attention to a green hedge: it should be straightened regularly that the kid was not wounded about too long branches.

the Garden and a kitchen garden

If you grow up prickly plants or vegetables which you spray chemicals, fence these places of a site better. Explain to the child that it is impossible to chew a grass and berries on a kitchen garden, to touch prickly rosettes. However do not hope that the child once and for all will remember your cautions.

You should watch that he did not taste some berry of elder, a honeysuckle (except blue) and a snezhnoyagodnik. These berries cause strong irritation of kidneys and diarrhea.

Now it is fashionable to plant round garden paths with a rue. But any touch to a rue will cause in the kid a burn with rash and blisters. Yasenets and the parsnip growing the second year belongs to the plants causing severe burns also. It is not really easy to cure burns of plants. But if the kid burned not too strongly, smear the angry places with zinc ointment or oil of a lavender.

Besides there are plants which can render toxic effect on the child: lily of the valley, oleander, seeds of a sweet pea, wistaria, ivy, chestnut, ostrolist and many others.


- to mosquitoes - we already got used To frequent guests of city apartments. There is a set of the frightening-off preparations which help to cope with them. But to struggle with wasps much more difficultly. Their stings are always very painful and can be followed by heavy complications.

Teach the kid to rules of conduct in the presence of wasps and bees:

- not to try to banish a wasp who flies around;

- to hold a mouth closed;

- to look in a glass or a bottle before drinking (stings in a mouth are very dangerous);

- if a wasp everything is bit, at once to report about it to you.

You, in return, do not leave sweets which can attract wasps (for example, the opened jar of jam), carefully wipe a dining table, be convinced of lack of a hornet`s nest within the house and a kitchen garden.


Big danger to the kid is constituted by any construction works which are taking place in site limits. Children often do not realize danger, climb up barriers, jump through holes. If long construction or repair is necessary to you, protect unsafe sites. Store tools and materials in the inaccessible place, getting them as required.

Other dangers

1. Check whether are reliably closed a well, barrels and other capacities by covers.

2. Do not forget a rake or a ladder on a site.

3. During shish kebabs and a barbecue be especially attentive: do not admit the kid close to a fire, do not allow it to touch a skewer, you watch that it did not grab a hot lattice and did not get hands into coals.

4. To a lasagna on trees - hobby of all kids. They cannot distinguish a strong branch yet from weak therefore falling from a tree - one of the most widespread children`s injuries. You can secure the child in two ways: or vigilantly to watch it, or to specify the trees resolved for a lasagna.

Despite all these recommendations, do not turn country life of the kid into one continuous it is impossible . Children with the nature it is even more on you than adults.