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What is required on the seasonal dacha? The garden saw and modernization of secateurs

the Industry produces different models of secateurs, but sometimes summer residents should construct the devices facilitating work with them. Perhaps, the need in it arises infrequently, but sometimes not to do without them.

Sometimes, that at the tool the spring parting edges in a starting position fails. In view of the fact that breakage happens not so often, there is no replacement, as a rule, near at hand. It is possible to improve situation by means of attached by strong threads to internal surfaces of handles of secateurs of the strip of the thick rubber which for example is cut out from the automobile tire which served the century folded double.

To work with the top branches of trees which from the earth not to reach, other modification will help. To the lower handle of secateurs from the outer side of the place of an emphasis of the parting spring the pole of the necessary length, for example a ski stick fastens. In the ends of handles in the direction of lengthways pole openings are drilled. In lower - bigger diameter or ellipsoidal. By means of an opening in the top handle to it the thin wire or a cord passed through an opening in the lower handle fastens. Now the secateurs lifted on a pole up on the necessary height can be operated remotely, by means of a cord.

For cutting of thick branches (to three - four centimeters serve in diameter) special secateurs - delimbers with long handles and large knives. It is possible to argue on convenience of such devices, usually easier and cheaper to use a garden saw .

The main requirement to a garden saw - a qualitative saw cut without agnails and damages of bark. The more small saw teeths, the are more qualitative a cut. Optimum height of teeths five - seven millimeters. In this case and bark will not be damaged, and it is possible to perform work quickly.

Garden saws meet two main types: hacksaws and luchkovy saws. The cloth of a garden hacksaw is usually narrowed by the end, can be a direct or curved form. The narrow end of a cloth facilitates work in hard-to-reach spots, the curved form increases deepening and accelerates work.

Difference of garden hacksaws from joiner`s not only in height of teeths, but also in the form of a forward edge. At the garden tool it usually rounded off that protects wood bark from casual damages during the work with the tool.

Luchkovy saws represent various design of a frame between which ends the narrow cloth stretches. It is better if the design allows turn it under various corners.

As well as any cutting tool, garden saws have to be sharp. But times when sharpening and distributing of a saw were necessary operations, were a thing of the past. The indisputable advantage of modern saws is that they keep the properties very long, and at not too intensive use - all term of operation. Such properties are reached by training of teeths and anticorrosive processing of all cloth.

On sale folding garden saws meet . Their advantages in safety and convenience of storage. If it is necessary to perform rather large volumes of work, it is better to stop on traditional option.

Good harvests.