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What is required on the seasonal dacha? The secateurs of

In the previous articles were talked of the tool necessary for processing of the earth. But on the seasonal dacha at many trees and bushes for care of which the corresponding stock is necessary grow.

Perhaps, most often there is a need of cutting of the dried-up branches and excess young escapes. These problems with success are solved by secateurs . Objects of its application - escapes of any thickness and a branch with a diameter up to one centimeter.

On a way of cutting distinguish the following secateurs: scissors, bypass, with a nakovalenka (or persistent).

Both edges of secateurs - scissors , used for cutting of young escapes and flowers, are ground at an acute angle and move to operating time towards each other. One of kinds of such tool call beak-shaped secateurs since its edges are bent in opposite directions and remind a bird`s beak.

Flower growers will like the secateurs specialized by for cut of flowers . Its feature is that the tool holds a flower stalk after cut. However, if it is necessary to cut off flowers infrequently, it is quite possible to do without such secateurs.

By the same principle, as scissors, the secateurs cut bypass . Unlike scissors its lower edge is ground at an angle 90 degrees or not ground at all and is used as an emphasis, but is displaced concerning the line of a cut. Such design injures less a plant as the fine edge influences only the cut part.

At secateurs with a nakovalenka (or with an emphasis) only one edge. It rests against the lower plate - a nakovalenka on which the cut branch is placed. The line of a cut passes directly on a flat surface of an emphasis, unlike bypass secateurs. Feature of a design is that it is necessary to watch carefully sharpness of an edge, otherwise the branch will not be cut but only it will be flattened out on an emphasis surface. Positive property - ability to cut off old, dry and quite thick, up to 2 - 3 centimeters of a branch.

The main thing for any secateurs - durability and sharpness of edges - knives . It depends on steel brand. The beautiful chromeplated or nickelized surfaces easily are cleared of dirt, but the edges made of uniform material usually serve longer and less often demand sharpening.

Sharpness of an edge can be checked by means of paper. The high-quality tool with sharp knives has to cut a thin writing-book sheet purely.

Sooner or later secateurs edges surely should be sharpened. Find out before purchase whether the secateurs easily understand, whether any specific instruments and devices for sharpening and replacement of edges are required.

Convenience of work with secateurs in many respects depends on design and material of handles . They can be covered with plastic, wooden slips, are made of aluminum or steel. The handles covered with a layer of porous rubber are most convenient.

Except material of edges and handles, at the choice of secateurs it is necessary to pay attention to that, edges how easily meet and disperse whether the safety lock holding edges in a closed position and whether it is possible to open it one hand is convenient.

Pleasant work.