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What is required on the seasonal dacha? Having watered the tool for watering of

After processing of the earth , perhaps, the most labor-consuming operation for the summer resident. It should be carried out almost daily. In our century of water supply systems very often use hoses and sprays . But if the water supply system for any reason does not work - an exit one, to water with with a watering can .

The fact that weight for a watering can - an important indicator, will be confirmed by any gardener who had to be engaged in manual watering. Traditional galvanized watering cans are reliable, but plastic it is much easier, and serve, at least, as much.

Pay attention to arrangement of a jellied opening . If it is located on the center of the case, directly under the handle, then will fill in a watering can not absolutely conveniently. More preferable option when the jellied opening is displaced from the center aside.

For watering often there is water from the next reservoir. The elementary filter - the setochka in the case at the basis of a nose of a watering can will detain garbage and will protect the sprayer from a contamination, so, will preserve time for its cleaning.

Intensity of water flow from a watering can regulate it an inclination. In need of exact adjustment pay attention to a usual plastic bottle . Diameter of its neck often coincides with diameter of a nose of a watering can. If to put on the cut-off neck a nose, then it is possible to regulate a stream change of nozzles - bottle traffic jams with various openings.

As soon as possible summer residents and gardeners mechanize watering. If there is a water supply system, then the easiest way - to buy a hose for watering. Once the single-layer rubber hose was the only available option . To modern measures such hoses are heavy, short-lived and expensive though they still meet on sale.

To rubber hoses succeeded polyvinyl chloride . The first samples of single-layer thin-walled plastic hoses reminded the isolation removed from an electric cable. They were easily twisted, badly held a form, were fragile and for a long time fought desire to replace a rubber hose easier and cheap plastic off summer residents.

The best properties corrugated polyvinyl chloride hoses possess . They successfully keep a form, but rigid and inconvenient in use.

Modern hoses carry out from several layers plasticity with various options of reinforcing, an internal and external covering. The five-layer technology uses two thick, but a polyvinyl chloride film, reinforced by polyester, covered outside with a protective layer resistant to attrition, and from within a smooth covering with a low resistance to water current.

Diameter of a hose depends on need for water and a pressure in system. Bigger diameter is capable to deliver quickly a necessary amount of water, but in case of low pressure in a water supply system liquid will follow from it a thin stream. The most popular diameters at summer residents - 1/2 or 3 / 4 inches.

Except a hose the summer resident, at least, needs to the union for connection of a hose to a water supply system. And also of the coupling for merging of pieces of a hose in need of lengthening and at least one sprayer . The dimeter of all these devices has to correspond to diameter of a hose.

Successful watering.