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What do I do if there is no lunch which in 10 minutes has to be?

Literally the other day I was late at work. There is nothing unusual in it, it occurs rather often. Well, was late and late. Then took away the son from a garden, took a walk with dogs, descended in shop, made to herself tea suddenly realized

I that the husband will come in 10 minutes, and there is no dinner (which in our family reminds a late lunch more) just! And it has to be - in 11 years of our joint life such incident never happened - can be not cleaned, is not washed, not darned, but prepared be has to. And there are no semi-finished products any (under the relevant law) right now too, came to an end!

Filled with panic I jerked on kitchen. Macaroni was found (Hurrah! the Garnish is!) a soup bag (a solution of the problem of first course) and a jar, with salad from cabbage. For a dessert I decided to kill a wafer cake.

But what to do with meat?! With that piece of " meat; without which for most of men a lunch not a lunch For my husband for a piece of meat also sausage or cutlet will descend, but they are absent and I will already not manage to run to shop definitely. And here I remembered that I in the freezer have a forcemeat. The Kurinny forcemeat packed in polyethylene gut in the manner of sausage. Who and why it was bought by me I do not remember any more, it lay there for a long time. Got and nearly burst into tears - it was frozen to a steadfast state!

Here on kitchen my son was, saw forcemeat and asked And it that for sausage? It is necessary - as brevnyshko! . And for some reason added French! (I asked it then - Why French? - speaks Well I do not know But it is very similar to the French! and than French brevnyshko differs from all others I from it did not achieve). And here the thought at me earned - Sausage - to cut circles as brevnyshko - means to cut, for meat I have a hatchet, French - means cheese and mayonnaise " is necessary;

Generally, put on a plate 2 pans with water (for soup and for macaroni, in that which for soup crumbled a potato, and that which for macaroni salted) and a frying pan with oil, chopped a hatchet ice farshevy sausage on pieces - ringlets, about 1 - 1 thick. 5 cm, salted and peppered each ringlet from two parties and abandoned them in the oil heated on a frying pan. Here directly so, frozen rings also abandoned. And, while they were actively fried on the one hand, cut the old dried-up cheese with pieces on number of rings and mixed mayonnaise with garlic. And, as soon as they blushed and I turned them placed each piece of cheese on an individual ringlet. Covered transparent - to see what there occurs. Waited until cheese melts, and on each circle put on a mayonnaise teaspoon with garlic. And again covered transparent. Made small fire and began to set the table. Persuading itself that if not tasty always I will be able to tell that the recipe new, not tested and we just will not be it any more than

my husband likes to cook Soup from a bag (I prepare seldom therefore loves), macaroni and salad from cabbage - the checked option, and here ringlets

Ate everything for time (there are enough cutlets from half a kilo of forcemeat for 2 times) and on the question And what it was? I answered with an impromptu Medallions from the French brevnyshka!