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How it is correct to be ill?

Hello, dear readers! Having read heading, you probably ask other question: whether it is possible to be ill in general correctly? I answer immediately: it is possible and sometimes it is even necessary!

You remember how all of us were ill in the childhood? At the first symptoms of an illness mother stacked us in a warm bed, gave to drink tea with jam, carefully gave us all drugs, read fairy tales and fed with delicacies!

The childhood passed... Now we have a work, instead of mother - the strict chief! To roll about at home with the flu or ORZ it will not turn out any more! Therefore all of us go to work with packing of handkerchiefs and packs of drugs. And over time we begin to forget that it is possible to be ill somehow in a different way, but without sitting at office at the next report! And in vain!! It is useful to be ill sometimes even a little! And that you knew as it is useful to do it not only, but also it is correct, I will give to you couple of advice!

First step. Having woken up one fine day together with cold, wash, drink to tea, put on and go... No, not for work - in hospital! There pass the put medical examination, receive the recommendations about treatment and the sick-list! Now it is possible to go back home! But do not forget to come on the way to a drugstore behind the written-out drugs and into grocery store! Here also the most interesting begins... Buy a week stock of delicacies! Take everything that love! And now, at last, with full packages we go home!

Step of the second. Having come home, rasslabtes, dress a favourite pajamas, take a cup of hot tea and part of the bought delicacies, go to warm bed, turn on the TV and have a rest! Watch everything that want, the main thing do not break a bed rest and do not forget to take periodically appointed medicine!

Step the third. The first day of an illness passed successfully! The second began and it is time to call friends and to report about the illness, for the purpose of their arrival to you home! They, of course, could not refuse, and you already trudge to meet the saviors who for all day will feel sorry for you to a door, to feed and give to drink from a spoon, to give in time drugs etc. Let`s remember the childhood!

Step the fourth. Let`s not go to far in memoirs therefore we will spend the remained three days of an illness in proud loneliness. You can devote these three days to the hobbies. Read the book which already half of year becomes dusty on the shelf, sing in a karaoke, arrange for yourself pass - beauty shop, prepare a house specialty, generally do everything that will like! The main thing that your mood all the time was top-level!

Step the fifth. Time flew by quickly! Already it is time back in hospital! Close the sick-list, go home, have a rest the last one or two days and prepare for appearance at work. You already, probably, missed it!

Step of the sixth. Wake up early in the morning, wash, drink to tea, put on and go now to work! With new forces, in good mood, missed work, ready for new labor feats! The administration will be enough! And you will be glad to return to habitual everyday life in favourite collective!

It is correctly not so difficult to do something as it seems, and it is correct to be ill in general easier simple! So dare, have a rest from work and be not ill!