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What is required on the seasonal dacha? The mattock and nonconventional tools

For fight against weeds on the seasonal dacha and an earthing up of plants is irreplaceable a mattock or a chopper . A mattock - the manual garden tool representing the strong metal tip got across a shank at an angle of 90 degrees.

Kinds of mattocks a set, they differ in a form of a tip and the sizes. Various tips are adapted for specific works on the seasonal dacha.

It is easy to clear a path of a grass by means of a mattock at which by it is pointed not only lower, but also lateral edges . A chopper with an oval working cloth it is convenient to form lawns. A mattock - a drag harrow which form reminds a plow tooth, serves for loosening of the soil, an earthing up of plants and collecting the uprooted weeds. The onions mattock with an edge 7 - 8 centimeters wide is necessary for interline cultivation in the period of shoots.

The combined mattocks represent the two-sided tool at which on the opposite end of a nozzle the ripper or a narrow rake is fixed. Looks it is promising, but in practice to use this stock not really conveniently.

The main requirement to a mattock - a convenient shank or the handle and good steel of an edge. From all variety of versions the summer resident has usually enough of two, with a wide and narrow working cloth.

The specialized tool for as which preparation the old spade with a roundish edge will serve will help with fight against the large weeds which grew near useful plantings. It should be cut off at the edges to make impact on a bed dot . The ledge left from one edge will facilitate work with the tool.

It is possible to cut rhizomes of harmful plants a usual spade. But it is better to carry out its modernization and to make the subcutter. It is more convenient to use an old shovel with a rectangular tray. It is straightened and grind edges to make an edge narrow. The cutting edge is done by a braid, approximately at an angle by 40 - 45 degrees. To the " tool; on a shoulder rhizomes up to one and a half centimeters thick at a depth up to 5 centimeters.

When developing a new site will help to remove roots of bushes long-armed axe. It is necessary to weld a vertical pipe or scrap on a butt of the ordinary axe. The heavy handle increases efficiency of use of the tool.

According to some summer residents, a spade and a mattock it is often capable to replace ploskorez Fokina . The tool represents the curved metal plate with the pointed working zone fixed on a wooden shank. Ploskorez it is possible to process the soil, without overturning layers. The purpose of the invention of the Russian engineer - to facilitate physical work on processing of the seasonal dacha.

Ploskorez, as if a plow, process the soil, weed, loosen and hill, form beds, thin out, mow weeds. Enthusiasts are ready to forget about shovels and choppers completely. Sceptics have other opinion. But the wide circulation of ploskorez speaks for itself in recent years.

To be convinced of advantages or shortcomings of nonconventional tools, it is worth testing them independently. Good luck.