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What is required on the seasonal dacha? A choice shovel, a pitchfork and a rake of

the Spade about which there was a speech in the previous article - not the only tool necessary for the summer resident. To load or move sand, compost, fertilizers etc. its flat vertically put bayonet does not approach at all.

Other shovel, choice or sovok will help out . Different names reflect appointment and a form of the tool. The edge of such shovel is executed in the form of the scoop got on a shank at an angle. It is convenient to them to select bulks from the earth.

In some cases a spade with great success a pitchfork can replace . At a kopalny pitchfork direct teeths, it is easier to dig up beds and to loosen the earth with them, than a spade, but for other earthwork they cannot be used.

For work with compost use a pitchfork with the short bent teeth. Similar, but with longer teeth a pitchfork is necessary to stir and overload hay.

Material of which a pitchfork - steel is made. Sometimes meet plastic, but it is possible to use them only with small loading.

Far more necessary than a pitchfork in an arsenal of the summer resident a rake . There is a set of kinds of their designs. Essential constructive differences between a rake with flexible and rigid teeths .

A rake happens to rigid teeths twisted and direct. Differences in manufacturing techniques. In the first case preparation is the thin steel sheet. Teeths are formed by cuts of an edge of a leaf and turn of the cut pieces by 90 degrees. In the second case use thicker metal that allows to reach the required durability without the additional rigidity caused by a twisted design of teeths.

It is possible not only to collect by a rigid rake garbage, but also to process the earth, to loosen it and to break the large lumps which remained after digging up of a site. For work with the earth choose the tool with frequent teeths, for a garbage sgrebaniye - with rare.

A rake with flexible teeths calls still fan. Teeths of such rake disperse from the place of fastening as if a fan. The design is convenient for collecting leaves or a mowed grass. Upon purchase it is necessary to pay attention to durability of fastening of teeths to the basis.

Distinguish a lamellar lawn rake and wire . Differences are caused by a design of teeths. Wire teeths are made of the round wire bent by ninety degrees down on the working ends. Material of lamellar teeths - long thin plates of metal.

A lamellar lawn rake is more elastic, than wire, well springs on roughnesses of the soil, does not bend and does not break. But the wire design possessing bigger rigidity suits for processing of decorative lawns.

The amount of capture grabel and length of a shank is determined by their productivity and usability. A wide rake with a long shank it is possible to process quickly a significant area, but on small sites it is inconvenient to work with them.

Sizes of seasonal dachas of citizens only several hundred parts. Whether it is necessary on it patch the high-performance tool - it is easy to be defined. Choose the best.