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What is required on the seasonal dacha? A spade

the Various works on the seasonal dacha connected with processing of the earth and cultivation of plants will become more effective if the summer resident takes care of necessary tools.

The most widespread and necessary tool at the dacha - a shovel. Spades meet two types, rectangular tray and roundish , or even pointed. The roundish tray (an edge, a bayonet) is suitable for a digging-up of solid soil and a virgin soil, those places on which " more; yet the leg of the summer resident " did not go;. Rectangular it is more convenient to work at friable soil which was already used under landings earlier.

What form of a shovel would not be given preference, an edge has to be always sharp . It is excessive to remind of durability. Fragile shovels do not maintain natural selection and quickly break.

Durability of a shovel and its performance data depend not only on a tray form, but also on material of which the tray and a shank are made.

The most widespread material for an edge - a tray - steel . Quality of steel defines quality of all product. The stainless steel will save a shovel from corrosion. But it not too firm and elastic, will not be suitable for difficult soil.

From corrosion the shovel will be preserved not only by quality of metal, but also intensity of use. The friction about soil clears a tray of the rust serving as the catalyst for the accelerated corrosion. If the shantsevy tool to which on military classification the shovel belongs is not unused in the damp environment, then the rust to it is almost not terrible.

Much less often than steel trays shovels at which the edge is made of aluminum alloys meet . Whatever advertizing spoke, winged metal does not suit for a spade absolutely. Unless only at a playground to stir sand.

But the titan - material impressive. The spade tray made of this remarkable metal is stronger steel, the earth almost does not stick to it, and such miracle 2 - 3 times smaller, than the steel fellow weighs.

How to define in shop that before you a titanic sample? Absolutely easily, look at the price tag. If product " cost; reads off scale for one thousand rubles - before you a technological miracle. To buy it or not - a question of other order. In my opinion, it is quite possible to process couple of beds also cheaper steel product.

Shanks for shovels traditionally do of a tree. The cheapest sample - the wooden cylinder, identical diameter on all length pointed obliquely since one end which the shovel tray is put on.

It is more convenient to work with a shank which end turned to the navvy is processed in the form of a ball. It will help to hold a shovel in hands if it slips out, and, besides, if necessary to rest against the end of a shank, the round surface will save hands from excess callosities.

One more option - the handle - the crossbeam fixed on the end of a shank across its length and parallel to the tray plane. Depending on option of fastening of a crossbeam, handles call T - D - or Y - figurative. It is convenient to use a shovel with such shank, developing difficult soil when there is a need with a force, from scope to stick a shovel edge into soil. In other cases, in my opinion, the additional handle is only stirred.

Whatever was the form and a design of a wooden shank, pay attention to knots. Existence of their traces speaks about a high probability of a premature exit of a shank out of operation.

The surface of a shank has to be equal, the slightest hints on agnails will surely lead to splinters on hands. But be not bought on the beautiful polished surface. In hands it slides, and it is inconvenient to use such shovel.

Technological novelties of the last years - shanks from steel, the aluminum covered with plastic and a coal plastic . It is possible to carry the curved, ergonomic form reducing load of the navvy`s backbone to their undoubted advantages. Steel shanks are almost eternal, but have excess weight. Aluminum samples - are easy and strong. It is possible to refer excessive flexibility under loading to shortcomings of a coal plastic.

One more to no - Hau - telescopic shanks and folding shovels. Such products though they more expensively than usual, are convenient for transportation and storage. Whether these characteristics for summer residents are important - solve.