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What does beshbarmak differ from meat on in - Kazakh?

In the menu of one of Alma - atinsky restaurants an unfamiliar dish were called meat on - Kazakh. It turned out that it the average sizes the pieces of boiled meat given together with broth in a soup plate - the drinking bowl covered by pieces of the rolled boiled test.

Later I learned that a dish in popular speech still call beshbarmak. Under such name it is also known in the Network. Many culinary websites offer recipes with the double name: beshbarmak (meat on - Kazakh).

But it appears, beshbarmak not all Kazakhs consider the name accepted. Many claim that meat on - Kazakh this correct name while beshbarmak in the neighboring Kyrgyzstan (or on - present in Kyrgyzstan) call similar, but other dish. In what differences?

Recently " TV channel; To + told about the present recipe of the Kyrgyz beshbarmak. Preparation will require the best pieces of mutton, onions, flour, egg, salt and spices, well and, of course, water.

Traditional ware in which Kyrgyz - a cauldron with a round bottom cook beshbarmak. The meat cut by large pieces on bones is filled in with cold water and put on fire. So far any salt and spices. They are added after boiling and removal of a skin. Otherwise meat will turn out dryish.

When broth began to boil, fire it is necessary to reduce and cook longer meat of an hour more one and a half, and even two. During this time it is possible to make noodles.

In flour break egg and carefully knead. If there is a lot of flour, it is possible to add a little water. At the exit stiff dough to which allow to have a rest minutes 20 - 30 before a raskatyvaniye has to turn out.

Dough is rolled in thin pancake (or several pancakes) by about two millimeters thick. The rolled pancake has to dry up minutes 15 then it is possible to cut noodles.

Noodles are the first difference. If in meat on - Kazakh it is cut big rhombuses with the party of centimeters 5 - 8, then at Kyrgyz it is cut small oblong pieces, it turns out probably on a usual factory product.

The technology of cutting can be in principle any. If there are no devices, it is convenient to put the rolled pancake several times, previously well having poured flour that layers stuck together less, and then to knife sharp. Ready pieces of noodles need to be disunited from each other, and in such look to leave to wait for readiness of meat.

Cutting of onions - the second difference. For meat on - Kazakh it is recommended to cut rings, so more beautifully. But for the Kyrgyz beshbarmak of a ring to anything, onions are cut small.

Ready meat is caught from broth, and on its place fill up noodles and onions. Meat is separated from bones and small cut with a knife, forcemeat, almost like from the meat grinder turns out.

By this time noodles are already ready. It is caught from broth and carefully mixed on a dish with chopped meat. In total. It is possible to give to guests.

Now most important. Beshbarmak in translation means five fingers. Traditionally Kyrgyz eat an entertainment from the general dish with hands, from here and the name. And, if you wish to deliver to owners of a table several pleasant minutes, to follow the fashion and accurately you should not take a small pinch. The more you take beshbarmak in a hand, the render bigger respect to the owner.

Bon appetit.