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Why it is not necessary to be afraid of USE? (part 2) of

In the first part of this article I already stated some aspects of delivery of the unified state examination which so frightens graduates and their parents and which, in my opinion you should not be afraid. I continue

11. The unified state examination is carried out in writing;

duration of examinations in mathematics, literature - 4 hours (240 minutes), on Russian, biology, geography, chemistry, social science, history of Russia - 3 hours (180 minutes), on physics - 3,5 hours (210 minutes), on foreign languages - 142 minutes. Same beauty what - sit to yourself and write quietly, there is time to think, remember what you know. It not orally to answer you (20 minutes preparation of answers to 3 questions) moreover and to the teacher at which the purpose you by all means to fill up, ask a set of additional questions. At receipt a competition on wash the faculty was 8 people on the place and from them some and considerable percent of those who have to arrive surely so among those who just took examinations the real competition was about 20 people into place - the more the person the teacher will fill up, the less scandals will be then.

12. USE will be carried out in the audiences located in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and basic schools. In audiences there should not be more than 15 people, there are 2 organizers. Stay at examination of subject teachers or teachers of related objects is excluded.

13. Only one pupil is allowed to sit at one table, that is each graduate has to be provided with the separate numbered workplace (a table and a chair) to which organizers have to have free access.

14. It is possible to submit the appeal. She moves in writing and has to be surely reasoned. But it only if you noticed violations of procedure of carrying out USE or do not agree with the given points. In all other cases the appeal at you will not be accepted.

15. At filing of application on entering a higher education institution it is possible to use both the original, and the copy of the certificate on results of USE. Documents can be filed both to one and to several HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. The direction of documents is allowed by the registered mail. I.e. having received though some positive results of USE can be dispatched quietly them in all HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the country where prepare on the specialty chosen by you and to wait quietly - though where - nibud you will be accepted. But will not accept now - it is possible to dispatch in the fall and still twice in a year. And we with your parents could go only to one UNIVERSITY at the same time and if there did not arrive (you do not even represent, how offensively to hand over everything and not to arrive from - for the fact that there was not enough half-point when with just the same estimates accept 38 people, and you 40 - aya in this list!) had to take all entrance examinations again.

16. Results of USE pay off on 100 - a ball scale and in 5 - tibalny are not translated now.

17. If you do not pass the Unified State Examination in one of obligatory objects - it is possible to repeat in the current year. If on both - only the next year. In this case in the current year the pupil will not receive the certificate on Unified State Examination, and instead of the certificate will receive the certificate of training at school.

18. In the certificate on USE are exposed positive results on obligatory objects (Russian and mathematics), and also points got in so-called objects of the choice. In total this year in the USE list at the choice of 9 objects if to consider a foreign language for one. It:

 Literature

 Physics

 Chemistry

 Biology

 Geography

 History

 Social science

 Foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish)

 Informatics it is also information - communication technologies (ICT).

Those who plan to continue training have to take these examinations in the form of USE. It is possible to hand over any quantity of objects from the list.

19. Higher education institutions are forbidden to carry out any other tests for entrants. An exception - 24 higher education institutions which this year acquired the right to carry out one additional test of a profile orientation on some specialties.

Having found out all above, I felt the silly woman - well nothing terrible, on the contrary - To me so to graduate from school! .

Having decided that I do not understand something, I went to communicate with the teacher who trains graduates for Unified State Examination in biology - she is my good friend and will not refuse to tell about all horror of USE. Literally our dialogue: there is no

- Anything terrible in USE - the most usual testing. On the three - the four it will be easily written by any pupil of comprehensive school, and here on five the help of the tutor is already necessary. But five - that to not everyone it is necessary - only to those who were going to go to the UNIVERSITY of level of MSU

- Ir, tell and why then teachers at schools so of children - that intimidate?

- So the teacher too the person It itself should secure - those who handed over - Good fellows, I warned you and you tried! and those who after all did not hand over - I warned you, and all of you equally were not prepared! Are guilty! And the teacher - that I good . Notice that not all frighten children - some just train them for testing

- And here some do not hand over?

- And here therefore - that also do not hand over what to be afraid, are nervous and the shivering hands tick off not there! I can advise those who very much is afraid - find in the USE task Internet for previous years or buy the brochure in any booth and try to work out houses, in a quiet situation. You are convinced that nothing superdifficult in USE is present

Having decided that the teacher can not realize all horror of USE I went to the people - addressed those who already passed this Unified State Examination. Such, among my acquaintances, it appeared three - the son of the girlfriend, the teacher`s son, from kindergarten of my son and the sister of our chief accountant. And they handed over in different years and in different regions - all three chorus declared that they expected much more difficult examination and in general USE - a freebie .

Well and finally history from my life Davny - long ago when I ended the fifth class, me examination in zoology was coming

. As all live interests me nearly since the birth zoology I knew almost also well as the teacher (and maybe it is better). But word examination - very scary word, and in 13 years especially and I awfully was afraid. When my mother learned about it, she asked:

- And what you are afraid of?

- And suddenly I will not hand over!

- In - the first, you will precisely hand over, and in - the second, well and what to happen even if you will not hand over? Nobody will die, nobody will get sick, believe me - nobody in the world will even sneeze!

Having passed this idea through the consciousness, I calmed down and since then was never afraid of any examinations thanks to what almost always successfully handed over them (almost - because except self-confidence it is necessary to have though slightly - slightly knowledge).

Neither down - nor a feather to you, graduates!