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Eating habits. What of them it is better to refuse?

Why we are ill, we drink drugs and we go on doctors? Most often the reason of our indispositions is caused by the wrong way of life. Always to be in shape and it is good to feel, it is necessary to refuse those habits which can do much harm to us.

In this article I will not touch on an issue of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction. Many of us have also other addictions which from outside seem quite harmless. However they not in the best way influence health and mood. I suggest to consider our harmful eating habits.

Addiction 1: refusal of a breakfast

in the Morning you always hurry and you have at all no time to have a bite? And the balanced breakfast adds energy, improves memory and concentration of attention. Besides those people who have not breakfast in the mornings often gorge on in the evening that provokes fat adjournment.

What it is better to eat for breakfast?

Vegetables and fruit contain cellulose which is necessary for the correct metabolism. Juice and muesli with dried fruits - very useful option of a breakfast.

The proteinaceous breakfast (yogurt, cottage cheese, egg or milk) will relieve you of drowsiness.

You will not get hungry till a lunch if you have breakfast flakes or pastries .

Addiction 2: it is a lot of salt

If you salt a dish during cooking - it is not a crime. But if got used to add some salt constantly to the food, you strongly risk health. Harm is done not by(with) salt, and its quantity. Excess of salt leads to osteoporosis, diseases of kidneys, an elevated pressure.

To reduce amount of salt in a diet, try to make the following:

- instead of salt use seasonings, east spices, fresh greens;

- instead of tinned vegetables eat frozen;

- use sea salt for cooking. It is much more useful usual stone.

Addiction 3: you love aerated water

Water - a necessary component of our activity. Every day we have to use about 2 liters of liquid. But it is very important for health that we drink. Aerated water with dyes contains preservatives (provokers of an allergy) and a lot of sugar (a source of extra kilos).

Best of all is suitable for drink:

- mineral water. It is desirable, not aerated. Drink mineral water every day, it is useful and low-calorie. For taste add to it mint or a lemon;

- freshly squeezed juice. Drink juice from seasonal fruit and vegetables better. They contain the greatest number of minerals and vitamins.

Addiction 4: you jam problems sweets

If you had serious problems at work or in a family, do not hurry to calm down sweets. Excess weight, as we know, reason of many problems with health. Diseases of endocrine character, an illness of joints and a backbone, pressure jumps can disturb you from - for abuses of sweet.

Try to cope with the sweet tooth in yourself the next ways:

- a relaksiruyta, distract from unpleasant thoughts by means of good music or the interesting cheerful movie;

- you do not keep a negative in yourself, tell the loved one about what disturbs you;

- if thirst for sweet does not vanish, afford a raisin handful, a honey spoon, gozinaki or a bar of muesli. Also stop on it!

- if nothing from the above-mentioned helps, try to address the psychologist. The expert will objectively estimate your problems and will offer ways of their decision. It will facilitate a stressful state, and sweets will not be necessary for you!

Try to refuse at least several of above-mentioned harmful eating habits and get several useful. They will not break way of your life, but will help you to remain with an excellent form. Drink enough liquid in day for normal functioning of an organism. Daily eat vegetables and fruit.

But even if you well feel, sometimes it is worth visiting the doctor and to make tests on sugar and cholesterol.