Rus Articles Journal

What can be more amusing than children? Part 4

38. Shred two years. Too much luxuriated, I ask: Who are you at me?

Honestly lists:

Tolyusya, sun, kid, kitten and so on. I also did not suspect

A that it collects tender nicknames.

39. We consider an album with the dried leaves. I say that it is a herbarium.

A with flowers - the grandson assumes - is called medals.

40. Give I there will be a father, and you are my baby.

I Agree.

Right there follows in a volley:

cleaned Teeth? Washed a muzzle? Where handkerchief? Do not pick a nose. I will stand in the corner. You eat with bread. Here and you learn

which - that about.

of the Sonny is sincerely a pity.

41. The Seryozha, 4 years, willingly tells passengers of "

bus; I fell from a shed, broke a hand and a leg, was in hospital, was extra-uterine (the diseases it seemed a little.)

42. Mother to the son it is strict:

It seems wash.

Disappeared in a bathroom.


Told, wash!

disappeared Again.

I so three times.

Mother, having lost patience: Well, dirty chin!

It with offense At once could not tell, huh?

43. Persists: No, let`s put on elegant shoes. It is less holidays. On holidays it is possible and in old to resemble. 44 Grandsons I ask to bring to

a radish from a kitchen garden on salad. Always comes back with perfect, large. I ask how distinguishes. Laughs loudly. And I small back dig in.

45. Asks: The Foal is a little the person?

Well for nonsenses, Shreds!

No, well you listen! He is a child....... foal!

46. Visited the daughter.

In the apartment all upside down: the overturned chairs, stools, the cover is pulled off.

Asked the grandson strictly: What here occurs .

It it is trustful:

I voyevat .

I Join: With whom? With fascists?

No, here - any evil spirits, and here any " not dirt (specify);.

47. Bothers a cat. It it scratched


is Grievously sad:

As you could as you could! And right there self-critically: To Cats, it is necessary to hit back " too;.

48. Asks not to distribute puppies.

Well where all of them; The Mink brings their each half a year - I answer.

Absolutely small I will take away in a dog day nursery, is more senior - in a dog garden, and we will give to the Mink in the evening; let brings up .

49. Goes obstinate. I am big! I am big. It is possible for me. I Ask

: What, such as mother?

Yes! It too.

Reflects and utters:

No, - I only middle age. (Probably, by analogy to average group which visits).

50. The grandson corrects: It is necessary to tell an akh and not aha; not a ball of threads, and Kolobok of threads. It, round, Kolobok.

51. The neigbour told: What you obstinate, Shreds.

What is obstinate?

It means prickly. There is such prickly small fish - a ruff

of Shreds is excited: No, I not ershisty, but ezhisty. Hedgehog still prickly .

sings the Whole day, composed: I am ezhisty, I am obstinate. I prickly, will torture all