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Why it is not necessary to be afraid of USE? (part 1) of

called me the friend Few weeks ago. Her daughter finishes 11 - y a class, the child has a panic - it is necessary to pass the Unified State Examination! Think up something, and that Lena sobs every day - their cool told that they all class will leave school with the reference since USE is a horror! Precisely nobody will write!

The Enemy should be known by sight! - I solved and began to look for information - what the animal such - USE is? And here what I learned:

1. USE - the unified state examination. Uniform since it is at the same time both final and introductory. And still it is uniform for all schools in the territory of Russia - a uniform scale of an assessment and the same tasks. I.e. it is not important where you study - in super - lyceum or at tiny rural school - it is important that you know.

2. Since January 1, 2009 it to be entered without fail in all subjects of the Russian Federation. Before it was carried out (since 2001) in experimental regions., and in 2007 the Law on USE was finally adopted. I.e. present graduates knew 2 years ago that it is necessary to them. For 2 years it is possible even to learn Chinese .

3. Except it there are some more documents regulating carrying out the unified state examination in 2009. Among them:

 The Provision on forms and an order of carrying out the state (total) certification in 2009, the relevant Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 362 from 28. 11. 08 g

 The Order of a reception of citizens in the public and municipal authorities of higher education in 2009, the relevant order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 396 from 26. 12. 08 g

 The List of entrance tests in 2009, the relevant Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 365 from 26. 11. 08 g

 The schedule of carrying out USE in 2009, the relevant order of Rosobrnadzor No. 74 from 19. 01. 2009

 24 higher education institutions which in 2009 can carry out additional tests of a profile orientation on some popular specialties, the corresponding order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1921 - r from 24. 12. 08 g

 The List of specialties of the secondary professional education (SPE) on which in 2009 can is carried out additional tests of a creative and professional orientation, the relevant order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 264 from 22. 09. 08 g

 The List of entrance tests on specialties of the secondary professional education (SPE), the relevant order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 265 from 22. 09. 08 g

 The list of specialties of a creative and professional orientation on which can additional tests in 2009, the relevant Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 256 from 5 is carried out. 09. 08 g

 The List of the Olympic Games of school students for 2008 - 2009 academic year, the relevant Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 254 from 02. 09. 08 g

Think that if graduates and their parents find all these documents and clarities will get acquainted with them will be much more, and they will be afraid much less. I not just would find them, but also unpacked and took with myself.

4. Since 2009 it is the only form of final assessment and it is impossible to refuse USE. Well and what to be afraid of inevitable?! If there was a choice - it would be possible to be afraid and choose a little something less frightening, and there are no times of the choice, then and you should not be afraid - senselessly!

5. It is necessary to hand over not less than 5 - ti examinations, in some regions one more additional examination can be entered. But it is obligatory to hand over only 2 of them (Russian and mathematics), and the others - at the choice of the pupil. Those who do not gather after the termination 11 - oho a class to go to the UNIVERSITY quite can pass only the main examinations - the certificate they will be given. And we handed over 8 final and 5 introductory in due time, and those who did not arrive at once could try to arrive in the second stream - having passed five more examinations.

6. Results of USE will be valid 2 years, and then it will be possible to use the right for a repeating an examination. And we on a repeating an examination had no prev. You or take final examinations and receive the certificate or do not hand over and receive nothing, in sense the certificate that you at school were The truth our certificate is valid for life, but and now too - it results of USE have expiration date

7. For writing of USE with itself it is necessary to have the completed and registered admission on USE, the passport or some other identity document, the helium or capillary handle with black ink. On geography it is possible to take with itself a ruler (without any records), and on physics with chemistry - the non-programmable calculator. And on chemistry it is possible to use periodic system of elements of D. I. Mendeleyev, the table of solubility and electrochemical series of elements.

8. In USE different tasks - are simple and there are difficult. In the majority of objects about a half of school students copes with about a half of tasks - if to trust statistics. Even excellent students solve only 70 - 80 percent of tasks, but not all tasks. For receiving three it is enough to write 60% of the easiest tasks - it can be made even in general nothing without knowing - intuitively, having put ticks to the correct places!

9. As there is a lot of tasks, risk of an unfair assessment from - for unhappy ticket it is sharply reduced. Parents, remember (and tell children) - the probability to extend the only ticket under which you are not ready from 2 - - 30 possible, prepared on 5 is how high. Murphy`s law - if at least one ticket is not prepared - it to you and will get!

10. Examination in each subject includes questions and tasks of three different types:

A) It tasks with the choice of the answer from four offered

B) It tasks with the short free answer (in a word or number)

C) It tasks with the developed free answer (including verbal justification, a mathematical conclusion, etc.) . For receiving three rather successfully to execute actually only the first part. At the same time there will be enough about 50 - 60 percent of the solved tasks from the first part (though a little different border for different objects is used). But it is better not to leave ahead of time - to turn out to hand over suddenly on four and even on five .

Continuation in the second part.