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There is no cat of an animal more terribly? National signs and beliefs of

the Cat - a being, very popular in folklore. At the different people and even at same views of it happened inconsistent, concerning different spheres of life and situations.

What is promised by a meeting with a cat?

One of the most widespread signs - the trouble is near if the black cat steals a march . However, it appears, our ancestors added specification to it: it is especially bad if the cat runs for a bosom i.e. towards a fastener on clothes.

Not to allow a fulfillment of the unpleasant forecast, it is necessary to spit out, as we know, three times through the left shoulder and to continue a way, having put a fico in a pocket or holding a button, or to stop and wait until somebody passes another.

And here ancient British considered on the contrary: the black cat at them was a good luck symbol, especially, if crossed the road. Scots were sure that if on a porch there was a black cat - it is a sure sign of prosperity in the house.

the Cat in the house - to a harm or to good?

From the point of view of our ancestors not to do without cat new settlers in any way. Since the oldest times there was a custom according to which before entering a new log hut, it is necessary to let out a black squeak and chicken there for the first night, on the second - a black cat and a cat. And before the first laying of the baby in a cradle put there a cat that he better slept.

And still was considered that the cat of black color protects the house from thieves, three-colored - from the fire and other misfortunes. If there is no pestrenky, then during a thunder-storm it is necessary to throw out a black cat from a log hut that did not attract a lightning.

On the other hand, Slavs have an appearance of foreign black or white cat in the room where the patient lies, was a death omen. At Chinese appearance of foreign cat in the house was a presage of the approaching poverty.

As, on national representations, the cat is at the disposal of the brownie, it was necessary to get an animal of the color corresponding to a hair color of the host in the house. So tried to umilostivit house spirit, but not - that it will drive an objectionable being out of the house.

British believed that the black cat should be had both in the house, and by the ship - it will bring happiness. And here if to throw out overboard - the terrible storm will be played. And so far the wife keeps a black cat in the house, neither storms, nor hurricanes are terrible to the seaman. Only May cats in this country did not favor, considering that they bring to the house of snakes and glowworms, and also misfortunes.

According to Portuguese, the house without cat or a dog is a house of the miser. And the Japanese ancient tradition orders to keep murlyk in trade benches: if she carries out by the left paw up to fish soup, arrival of visitors or commission of a good bargain are guaranteed. whether

Can be helped by a cat to happy marriage?

In England the belief that if the black cat sneezes near the bride, then young people are waited by happiness existed. Bretons recommended to the girls who received the offer of a hand and heart in case they are not sure whether it is worth accepting it to put for the night under a threshold three cones wrapped in a piece of paper from a cat`s tail, and to look in the morning what letter will consist of them: Y - N means yes, - no.

In mountains Ozarkov that on a joint North - the American states of Missouri and Arkansas, inhabitants are convinced: if the man devastated a bottle to the bottom, and at the same time under a table the cat sat, then he marries it same year. And in the west of India are glad to appearance of a stray cat as it is considered a sign of a fast wedding.

Who considers cats as weather forecasters?

Serbians long since showed attention to position of a cat during washing: if she licks herself, having turned to the East - to good weather and if to the West - on the contrary. Bulgarians consider so: cats wash pads, having turned in that party from where wind will blow. Georgians considered that if the pussycat three times leads round a pad around a muzzle, then there will be good weather.

In Russia there were such meteorological signs: if the cat to an oven sits down - to be to a frost prick a wall tears up - to a bad weather, a floor scrapes - by wind, a blizzard, licks a paw - to good weather, lies a paunch up - to heat. French noticed too that if the cat hides a nose in paws or a tail when she sleeps, cold weather will drag on for a long time.

What mystical properties attributed to cats?

Still ancient Egyptians attached significance to cats as foretellers. In particular, they considered that if in a dream the large representative of cat`s breed appears - it is by a big harvest. Rusich considered cats as light prophets (emergence in a dream of the white beauty foretells wealth), and gloomy (to dream at night before Christmas about a black cat - to a dangerous illness).

And though on a belief the murderer of a cat will become the murderer of the person (or - killed a cat seven years of good luck not to see), the temptation was created for this purpose by a belief that the bone can make the person of a body of a black cat invisible. Was considered also that in an exchange this creation of pitch color at evil spirit it was possible to receive a cap of darkness or unchangeable ruble.

Procedure of an exchange, frankly speaking, horribly. Having caught a black cat without uniform white mark, it is necessary to rise with him at moonless night at the intersection of four roads, one of which conducts on a cemetery, and to pinch the poor creature. The stranger will come to loud miaow and will suggest to sell the pussycat. In payment the torturer has to demand one ruble. It will also be unchangeable: how many times it would not be given, will come back to the owner.

And doctor abilities attribute to cats folk beliefs: to get rid of barley on an eye, as if it is enough to stroke his tail a black cat, and the tail of a three-colored cat, it seems, relieves of warts.

The incomplete list will accept and superstitions nevertheless shows the attitude of the person towards cats. Be able to speak they, too would tell us the opinion on people, and it too would hardly be unambiguous