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What armed the Bronze Soldier? The PPSh

submachine gun Perhaps, now also falls short recognition of PPD and PPSh submachine guns of world recognition of the Kalashnikov, but their history is not less remarkable, valid and full of cult signs...

By the way, many confuse the concepts " submachine gun; and " submachine gun; but the difference between them is comparable with a difference between a saber and a dagger. First of all, the automatic machine is created for firing very strong, almost like for a rifle, by cartridges, has quite difficult mechanics providing the maximum fire power and aim range. And the submachine gun uses pistol cartridges, its device borders on primitiveness, providing low cost, simplicity and non-failure operation.

In Red Army the first submachine gun arrived on arms in 1935, had caliber 7. 62 also intended for firing by gun TT cartridges. The Soviet designer Degtyaryov made it. It was called PPD - 34 - the submachine gun of Degtyaryov of a sample of 1934. However, it wonderfully was as like as two peas similar to the Finnish " submachine gun; Suomi the designer of Lahti, appeared at Finns three years earlier... But we will not carp on trifles.

Though PPD also managed to undergo in five years of release to the modernizations which allowed to be called to it already PPD - 34 - 38, and then and PPD - 40, however in five years let out only 4173 PPD. And in anticipation of sovetsko - the Finnish war of PPD it was removed from arms at all and it is even withdrawn from troops as in a defense narcomat someone considered submachine guns inefficient and especially police .

The Finnish command had no prejudices apropos police " weapon; and the hot Finnish guys armed with " submachine guns; Suomi despite huge keeping out of the way in number, were extremely serious and dangerous opponents, especially in forest firefights and near fights. The narcomat of defense was impressed and terrified, and the Soviet submachine gun was hastily returned to army, having developed its mass production.

During the Finnish war the Soviet designers undertook creation of new, more effective and perfect submachine gun. There were many options, but on arms, and are equal also in world history, PPSh - the submachine gun of Shpagin entered .

The designer Shpagin took the same PPD as the reliable and technological weapon which well proved in severe winter conditions as a basis. But nevertheless PPSh is not PPD any more. The submachine gun of Shpagin had less details, allowed to shoot both turns, and single shots, had stronger and compact fastening of shop, and the special angular cut at an end face of a barreled casing improved accuracy, compensating return by the directed pressure of the taking-off powder gases.

PPSh was taken advantage of Red Army on December 21, 1940. A wooden butt, round box-shaped shop on 71 cartridges, a barreled casing with oval cuts. This weapon is easily recognizable on the monuments devoted to the Great Patriotic War. This weapon forever became history as inseparable part of an image of the Soviet Soldier who passed terrible war and set up the Victory banner over the Berlin Reichstag.