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What needs to be known about the Omega - 3?

are A little from history

the Omega - 3 is obliged by the glory to keenness of mind of the Danish scientists, in particular - Dayerberg. He was interested in the fact that Eskimos seldom have cardiac diseases, and at the same time their main food consists of very greasy food (meat of seals and fish).

Together with the colleagues Dayerberg studied blood of Eskimos and after 2 - x years of persistent work, as a result of researches, two fatty acids - eykozapentaenovy and dokosaksenoyevy were emitted. This opening marked the name Omega birth - 3 - a class of nonsaturated fatty acids.

of the Characteristic the Omega - 3

Influence the Omega - 3 on our organism rather embarrassingly. So, getting to our organism with products (our organism is not capable to develop the Omega - 3), fatty acids the Omega - 3 take root into organism cages. They not just influence their structure, but also make active. Result of such activity improvement of work becomes warm - vascular system, decrease in risk of heart attacks, heart attacks from here. Normalization of a blood pressure (the main scourge of our time) is noted, sight improves, removal of inflammatory processes in joints, improvement of thought processes, as a result of the best work of a brain is noted. The omega - 3 promotes immunity strengthening, helps at treatment of skin diseases, eczema, an allergy, Alzheimer`s disease.

Some researches indicate improvement of a state at a breast cancer therapy. At all the merits the Omega - 3 also brings cholesterol and free radicals out of an organism, being fine antioxidant.

- 3 can call a Peculiar bonus from the Omega the fact that people in whose an organism enough fatty acids the Omega - 3, do not suffer from a depression. The good mood for them is a norm, but not casual luck.

Is important: numerous researches showed that sufficient consumption the Omega - 3 pregnant and feeding women exerts the most beneficial effect on development of a brain of the child.

Products with contents the Omega - 3

Fish. it can be put on the first place. However, not just fish, and fat fish or semifat (salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna, sardines, mackerel, etc.) . Cod-liver oil contains a large number the Omega - 3. Doctors consider that, consuming at least two times a week fish, you considerably reduce risk of a disease warmly - vascular diseases.

is more preferable fresh fish as at a pickles and smoking the part of useful acids is lost, and the fish here preserved - another matter. If fish is preserved in vegetable oil, then it is a guarantee that useful fatty acids perfectly safe (at conservation in own juice part of fats the Omega - 3 is lost). Having eaten in two days a jar of tinned sardines in olive oil, you fill up the organism with necessary quantity the Omega - 3.

Flax seeds. Today in shops linseed oil is on sale, just add it to salads. Other option - to grind a flax seed in the coffee grinder and to add it to food as seasoning or spice. Positive side of this way is that the ground seed contains not only the Omega - 3, but also cellulose. A dose for 1 day - 1 h l. ground seed.

Walnuts. you, probably, heard that the regular use in food of walnuts improves cerebration? And all because oil of walnuts contains the Omega - 3. So, eating in day of 5 - 10 nuts, you provide yourself with norm the Omega - 3 per day.

Sesame oil. Give preference to it when seasoning salads: it contains not only the Omega - 3, but also fitovy acid (strong antioxidant).

Rape oil. Also fine option for seasoning of salads, the supplier Omega - 3 in our organism.

the Omega - 3 contains in spinach, a cauliflower and oil channels, in a melon, haricot, in a Chinese cabbage and broccoli.

Teetering on the brink of health...

With food a large amount of fatty acids the Omega - 6 comes to our organism. These acids contain in vegetable oils, in grain, eggs and a bird, margarine. The omega - 6 provides health to our skin and reduces cholesterol level, improves coagulability of blood. However when the Omega - 6 in our organism is too much fatty acids, our blood becomes very dense and there is a danger of formation of blood clots. Inflammatory processes begin.

Only the Omega - 3 can correct this situation. The omega - 6 is also irreplaceable for an organism, as well as the Omega - 3, just in an organism has to be a proper correlation of these fatty acids. Scientists consider that such ratio has to be 4 to 1. To achieve the correct balance, it is not obligatory to reduce consumption of products with contents the Omega - 6, just include in the diet products with contents the Omega - 3. When using vegetable oil give preference olive, it positively influences blood lipids.

Today does not raise doubts any more that it is warm - vascular diseases, obesity and diabetes directly depend on our food. An omega - 3 and healthy food became synonyms today. An omega - are 3 those fatty acids without which we cannot just live. Filling their contents in our organism, we not simply prolong the life, but also we lift its quality on higher level.

It is better to spend money for qualitative food, than for drugs in a drugstore. In any case, here the positive result is guaranteed.