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How to force zhilishchnik to restore the defrozen house? From own experience.

Those who had to resolve issues with housing and emergency services, know how he difficult is sometimes to achieve from them execution of their direct duties, unless to add money - over utility payments.

Once I managed to restore the defrozen house only by means of the humour invested with a newspaper format:

On the city, my relative, edition

Lovely edition! Your grandfather, the house No. 10 on a pro-rank Vanka Zhukov writes to you that on Bardin Street. I congratulate you merry Christmas and old New year and I wish you everything from the Lord.

And still I will complain to you, lovely edition because I have neither father, nor mother, and is more me to complain there is nobody, you one only also remained with me - hope and a support. And yes it will be rendered to you on your affairs.

Absolutely pecked me and my homeland - the old area - those who have to care for us. Judge, lovely edition. There is no school in the old area. It is not necessary, probably: children here of the second grade live. And the market was not completed here - what for? Well, young people - it is fine, will be run to the downtown - will be healthier, and old men? I thought that they - that by bus will reach with string-bags. Where there! There was a clever man (for some reason in the village that in hundred fifty kilometers from us) who counted: in my city buses are not necessary.

Only, lovely edition, it all anything. Itself you know, bookmarks I old, would take out everything. Yes here in the last month it was moved to torment me a monster multiarmed - the emergency service is called. Earlier - that her workers, idly did not sit. Toilet bowls and batteries hurried to repair. And that who defroze the house - I for forty years and never heard. Yes here in old age it was necessary to learn such shame.

And the chief of emergency service month only persuades me yes asks - do not go anywhere, do not complain, I do not want the person to put in prison. For now I send the messenger for the messenger to the torturers, they in reply me will warm one side, another, and the frozen batteries in one apartment burst, in another. The other day the pipe burst on a roof - filled in with boiled water of my residents.

Here so, lovely edition, also I live: today received heat, so tomorrow I will freeze: the day after tomorrow gave hot water, means wait - next day batteries will begin to flow. Here the emergency service also torments with

me, does not stick with just seledkiny muzzle into a mug and - that is is useless: herring near me small very much.

Lovely edition, make acceptable favor, take away me from here to the new area, is closer to the mayor and deputies. Or promote that in me the chief of emergency service was installed. Itself(himself) - that it will not offend. Perhaps, then will understand that it is warm - better, than cold.

But you will not be able to help me, then there will be last, a last resort: to the magistrate to give on my tyrant and the blighter. Perhaps though it will force it to move when it at it behind zasverbit. And my residents will try to it ha - to maintain the aroshy claim .

In day of an exit of this note my apartment became object of special attention. The numerous excursion groups entirely consisting of representatives of ZhKO asked one: Show that which all city forced to laugh at us

So, - like the defrozen house - it is necessary for the solution of unsoluble housing problems:

- very big desire to receive result. In soul the comprehensive word has to ripen GOT!

- sense of humour - the its is more, the better;

- an opportunity to publish the opus, so - to acquaint with it the greatest possible number of people.