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Why freedom is better than dictatorship?

In the modern world still exist not free political regimes. Among other, criticize for infringement of the civil rights also Russia. But the similar criticism not always finds due understanding. Sometimes people support restriction of the civil and political rights disregarding those consequences to which such policy conducts.

For the history the mankind managed to try a set of the forms of government. One of them are intended for the decision essential problems, others induce to direct to the sublime purposes. But all of them are characterized by degree of the provided freedoms. Some governments find it possible to leave to the citizens the maximum range of opportunities to prove, some prefer to instruct more demanding obligatory execution.

Model of a social system the showing extreme manifestations of degree of freedom still could not reach a dominant position yet while even in leaders of the liberal world provisions the limiting some types of freedoms remain, but in them, as well as in each society, it is possible to notice an antagonism of the forces strengthening or weakening control of the state over the personality.

It is obvious that separately each of the specified forces has some advantages and shortcomings. But, at their mutual competition, one of them can be more favorable. To reveal them direct comparison will be made below. The result will give the chance to see that direction in which evolution of political systems will move.

The free behavior model assumes that nothing is imposed to each character, and the person always makes independent decisions on all questions. If it becomes in dependence position, then it occurs of own will and in any way differently. Also for it an opportunity to leave anyway from under guardianship remains.

Strategy of separation of the rights from duties establishes strong structure of dependences. In this structure one person, or small group of people which does not submit to nobody else, but which dictates the policy obligatory for execution by the others is usually allocated. Traditional forms of dictatorship as a rule do not leave a possibility of independent change of the status of each subordinate.

Comparison of ideas. the Liberal policy extends freedom to all. Nobody can force anybody to anything. Totalitarian regime extends freedom to one person, or to small group of people. For being in power and for happy with the situation the difference between two systems is not basic, but the difference will be of very great importance for others. Open society will allow the dissatisfied person to change the life at discretion, and the dictatorship of such person will oppress. If the quantity oppressed is too big, then there will be a direct threat for existence of public system and there will be a soil for shocks.

Comparison of techniques. the Society having rigid hierarchical structure imposes restriction not only for the subordinated segments of the population, but also for the management. Because subordinates are deprived options, a duty to make for them the choice lays down on heads, heads of it want or not. Besides, if all parties are happy with the situation, then the difference between political systems is not basic, but, otherwise, the discontent will undermine even stronger way of society and will even more broaden the soil for shocks.

Comparison of the mechanism of decision-making. in case of a separation of the rights from duties distortions in a control system arise. The base for emergence of injustice at which each person can meet punishment or an award not with the deserts is created. Being free, the person will independently be responsible for the acts as any result will proceed from its own decisions. Otherwise possible it becomes any to shift responsibility and to organize schemes negatively influencing some public institutes and not considering the real importance of these institutes. Totalitarianism encourages emergence of actions of corrosion character, actions which gradually will corrode and destroy system from within.

Comparison of the received results. the Freedom of enterprise generates a variety of forms. Along with the worst manifestations also the best appear. The worst are impractical, as provides selection and a survival of the best. The obstacles limiting activity not only impoverish a range of the proposed solutions, but also will demoralize performers. The enthusiasm of the subordinated segments of the population becomes lower that negatively affects not only the quantitative characteristic of result, but also qualitative.

Comparison of adaptation opportunities. Providing freedom gives also more opportunities to adapt under the current situation that allows even to try to obtain tactical superiority at the worst strategy and to reach a victory over rivals. Therefore entering an antagonism with liberal idea to totalitarianism it will be required not only to be capable to support the existence, but also to be able to cope with crisis situations. Such ability demands special preparation. And, even in case of success, totalitarianism will not receive basic superiority before free model of a social system, and only will strengthen the selection process going in free society.

Comparison of opportunities of development. As it is told above, at restriction of business activity a variety of forms of manifestation decreases. In such conditions the competition, either is absent, or is rather weak, and therefore, there is no serious incentive to increase efficiency. If such incentives arise, then the internal problems proceeding from restrictions will not allow to develop the maximum dynamics. How power of the totalitarian state was high, there will be methods which will allow to bypass all established barriers and to make inefficient adaptation abilities. Sooner or later, but free society will be able these methods to find and put on the arms. Having left expansionist policy the totalitarian state some time still will be able to defend, but also it will not rescue it as free society developing will be able to punch defense more dynamically, and, at desire, to replace the mode. Therefore even being at top of a pyramid of the totalitarian power once will begin impossible to avoid dependence on reaction to the influence.

Comparison of prospects. the comparisons Made above show that restriction of the rights and freedoms brings a set of internal and external problems. Finally, these problems can be used, and, obviously, will be for certain used for overthrow of dictatorship or for its submission. Therefore it is not favorable to support a dictatorship not only, but also it is simply unpromising. Coercion methods sooner or later, or will give way to free behavior model, or will address on the dictator.

When comparing it is possible to see that freedom shows the advantage before dictatorship in each of seven key positions. Someone can not agree and try to compete with liberal model of a social system, and if such attempts are successful, then they will remain monuments to human recklessness and will be able to exist only in this quality.