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Who frightens us by crisis and whether there was a boy ? Give

in all honesty: it already struck someone from you? The acquaintance was dismissed - reduced, huh? And you are sure that he would not be reduced also in stable times when there is a live process of competitive dynamics? And can it long ago was it is time kick out to heads who are frightened by horror stories about crisis now and who get rid of ballast? And not on a church porch the acquaintance, and went to a dole.

The prices grow, huh? And you remember times when they did not grow? (Here we with Gertrude Ribacova still remember Stalin reduction of prices, but also we know what " blood; Dallagov and others logs these price tags are drawn). And who is younger, remembers only chronic price increase. Well and that, we did not die out as mammoths - adapted, dodged. Also we live in the bulk better and better and more richly than our parents, grandfathers, great-grandfathers. From Kumransky rolls both up to now yet nobody ever recognized (such is our nature!) that our prosperity blossoms and smells! Always someone lacked something for happiness: to whom pineapples in champagne, to whom on a bottle, a coma on a piece of bread, a coma troyak to a salary. Because here such we are gomosapiyenisty.

Let`s look who frightens us by crisis. Who are they, these puzhatel? These are our governments kind. I in them will not throw a stone: the first frightens the one who faces closer danger as he understands it. And to us in crowd hodynsky behind their backs mighty not to see that they saw it there and what napuzhatsya. At us, as always, with 9 to 5 with variable success in prosperity. And our soldering is thicker, is thinner, but always kaloriyny former. And we already forgot to think of horror of our economic condition of the beginning of reorganization and publicity. Forgot that nobody then puzhat us verbally, and just took and silently brought down economy. (Famine-Genocide Russian forgot: Ukraine forced to remember that quantitatively there is more to people povymerlo with hunger in Russia). And where these people? And where we now? And now we live better, let`s not to dissemble to a promezhd Antr well.

And if someone does not agree with me, then let`s butt in figures and the facts. I will not tell you for all Russia - there figures from zero to ten all are secret or recoloured to please to today`s bogdykhan on the " type; how many, on yours, 2 x 2 today? . Also it is not necessary to speculate with me that I will give figures shtatovsky - economy, it and in Africa economy. Agree, whisting? And here they, tsifirk shtatovsky, all before me golenky and vernyokhonky. I am ready.

Our new president declared that unemployment (oh as terribly! MOTHER!) can rise to 10. 8%! For today she at us grew up to 7. 2%. Mr. President! For the last 35 years it is already 16 times occurred in the country led now by you, yours - a sochestvo! But even my touch yours - to a sochestvo fades before more than half unemployment of all population of the country of the period of the Great Depression. What were you frightened there, Mr. President? Give - and to me to look, and? And to Petersburgers of times of legs of your predecessor, the father - Bush. If you forgot partially during race for a throne as such state of the economy, then I in English is called, the Russian all woman from myself, I will prompt: recession it is called, but not crisis. I do not believe that in Cambridge did not teach students that any recession of economy is the benefit. Because it pushes economy this unfortunate on a new round of economic recovery. And besides, as an example - the Great Depression, the sir.

The exchange of New - York whines? Oh, my God svyaty - strong, stockbrokers lost EVERYTHING! Well, and? General Motors lost EVERYTHING! Well, and? System K - Mart, " shit; made in China trading, lost EVERYTHING! The bank the next fuflyzhny lost EVERYTHING (ours!) . Hurriedly the going bankrupt firms and firmochka lost EVERYTHING! And all this rack - on knees nimbly boom!: to a podaaayta kopek, taxpayers! And money from the government let`s tsyganit on their improvement plaintively and impudently... And here Jonah from the remote place what it sideways concerns? Its Burenkas give milk, telitsya and the grass grows as it is necessary. Well he will change with Ford on a yaponochka, big dit!

The hard worker qualified lost work at Ford`s plant in Detroit. Sat on unemployment. The freebie came to an end and he changed from a sofa for a wheel of the rattletrap and went to carry pizza. With hunger does not die and is retrained on the medical brother free of charge. He will not go 4 times a year to the Bahamas as to a wound, and on a backyard will have a rest. And Vanya will not go this year to Cyprus - so though to the village to mother will go! And couple more of sacks will take kartoshechka in the five-storey apartment block.

I write this article for those who gave in to panic of the stockbroker who lost IN TOTAL! . A Ford family, the lost floor - treasure islands. Thieves from City - " groups; got through the government a saving grant on improvement of bank and ordered to themselves the personal VIP liner on our money. Obamchik on a sopatka gave them - will super - a business class fly with telka modestly. And to the beggar the fire is not terrible. Repeat after me: it is not terrible!

I will catch the piece of pleasure, a yak at us show if Forda, at last, lose IN TOTAL! (them!) and someone bright and not such too choosy will pick up it. Here then the price, not on - Stalin, and on scientific, will fall also I the old will update the machine. And if my bank fails, another right there will jump out bright, but with an attractive rate of crediting. K-Mart smelly will buy at the same price qualitative goods with a normal guarantee and will be me, darling, qualitatively to serve. And ALL THIS VERY QUICKLY HAPPENS! We will be spread?

The gluttony of a small group of monopolists cannot last eternally. They once had to choke with black caviar. To choke with pineapples with champagne, in near fight to get acquainted with working gratuitous force. And now it is their crisis. Arrived. Slezyvay. Guard was tired. Sirs fight - at lackeys forelocks crack? Not - and, the reader. To us crisis is not terrible: we will find ANY work, we and not it saw. Compensation to us the pleasure will see how we were reduced - dismissed and we do not work for THEM more. And here therefore they will lose IN TOTAL!

Not time for panic at us. It is their panic, others. We in this orchestra have nothing to do. Our grass grows, our hands before work greedy, our experience knows as at stagnation to hammer the refrigerator with deficiency. Passed, and more than once. We know, floated. Therefore but pasaran! . And for them: orientation - the North. And I want that you trusted, the reader. Consider that it is our holiday. With a holiday of their crisis all of you! And a tail - carrot!