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How to find a common language with all zodiac signs? Councils for Sagittariuses of

the Sagittarius is brave, active, initiative, cheerful and good-natured. It is independent, original, is even extravagant. But times the Sagittarius can go too far, be too rectilinear and direct. To avoid half-words in communication, do the amendment on zodiac sign of people.

The undoubted advantage of the Capricorn - an emotional maturity. Your frankness and frankness, in their eyes, not the best qualities. But at heart they are capable of the same emotions, as at you. Therefore do not offend them tactless remarks. And Capricorns can warm you the reliability, commitment, diligence and patience. It is so pleasant know in the wanderings that someone very reliable will always lend you a shoulder.

Aquariuses same fond, honest and straight, as you. And too can be very scattered. You in general are in many respects similar therefore your friendship can be eternal. Only do not forget that Aquarius also appreciates independence, as well as you. Also do not take vodoleysky judiciousness for coldness and indifference, then they will be able easily and softly to cool your heat at the right time (and the hothead of the Sagittarius sometimes needs it).

Fishes are excellent listeners of whom you could only dream. But they will be sincerely offended by your tactlessness or roughness so be more tactful. Fishes sensitive and acute therefore they can help you to reveal and better to understand itself. They almost always know how it is possible to resolve any your dispute so just do not offend them and listen to them.

Mind, honesty and courage - it makes related you with Aries . You are capable to go round the whole world in search of adventures. But you do not tease Arieses, they will not want to concede for anything - then your friendship will turn into eternal competition. If you want to have such devoted, bright, courageous, generous and tireless friend, learn to make a compromise.

The Taurus is stubborn and long remembers offenses. He appreciates obligation, punctuality and devotion. If you can constrain the reckless nature, the Taurus will be indulgent, playing a teddy bear. It is worth it, Tauruses are reliable, faithful, kind, clever and strong companions.

Twins - an antisign of the Sagittarius. You live equally quickly. But dreams of Twins are mysterious and are not always clear. You prefer to face before actions to the facts, without distorting. Twins, as well as Sagittariuses, are clever and read. It will not be boring for you, especially if you are engaged in one business. You are capable to become brilliant team.

Sagittariuses consider of Cancers still big goofs, than. But Cancers in fact are passive, cling to memoirs and are rather reserved. They are impressionable and sensitive, but they can help you to come to new emotional level. Only be not straightforward to roughness. Otherwise Cancers will show you the cold party.

Lions like to order, direct foreign destinies. But it is not necessary to tease them from - for it! Otherwise your close friendship will end, without having begun. And Lions are capable to supplement you amazingly. Equal equal which means to you much Lev has not enough respect. But do not try to prove them something, try to make out the person who is capable not just to accept you in Lev better, but also to understand.

It is not excluded that of the Maiden at first will seem to you boring, avaricious and uninteresting. They are so disciplined and readily accept rules and norms. They just are not able differently. Respect their independence, they, most likely, will not challenge yours. Slightly open for the Maiden a door in the dreams and imaginations, she will not laugh, and will introduce in them amendments which will only improve them.

Scales and the Sagittarius are the irresistible couple capable to blind anyone the smile. The main condition of friendship (quite feasible for both) - is sincere to discuss all. The tactfulness of Scales will smooth your sharpness, they with pleasure will learn your restless nature to patience, and their indecision is compensated by the fact that you quickly understand what you want and as it to reach.

The scorpion is not always pessimism, loneliness and tranquility. They have also periods of storms and passions. Be tolerant to their moods and you will open inexhaustible stocks of will power near which there is a feeling of reliability. Explain to the Scorpion that you should not leash you, he is capable to accept reasonable arguments if it is confident in you.

As it is pleasant with the person whom you know and you understand how yourself. And Sagittariuses do not love predictability. But it is boring for these two will definitely not be! Double enthusiasm, double adventurism, double mind, humour and curiosity. It is simple to eat danger that someone from you will forget to return. Therefore you are unseparable, so far you have common interests.

Try to look for in people of advantage - and let communication will be in pleasure!

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