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Where all normal men got to?

Where all normal men got to? - this question even more often it is possible to hear from lips us, women. And if earlier word normal meant strong clever decent at the moment the normal man is not the gay. I want to note that if about 5 - 7 years ago the number of men with nonconventional sexual orientation to one square kilometer was minimum, then now there is a feeling that they or propagate as rabbits, or homosexuality - the virus which is transmitted vozdushno - a drop way!

Presently comprehensive democracy when marriages with statues and trees are allowed, same-sex families - something almost normal. It is possible to argue long on a subject gays - it is good, or gays - it is bad, I just want to suggest to think in general of the reason of emergence of mass homosexuality.

We will begin with in what such man differs from the hetero. The first, naturally, it the choice of the partner of the same floor, and still it thinner, sensitive, gallant, intelligent, and among other things, watching the appearance. No, I do not want to encroach on courageous brutality at all! However agree, brutality of brutality discord! What such attractive and sexual in a week bristle and a smell of dirty socks? And many men do not see in it anything special whereas for our gentle cheeks and small sensitive noses is just test! Generally, as the heroine of the movie " told; Love and other accidents the gay is a same man, it is only better! I want to refer as the proof to a case so to speak from life. I Have

the sister. Clever, beautiful, charming, but it has no guy. The problem is in how she explains, is not present in its environment that . And here at last she got acquainted with prynets. About its advantages the sister could tell for hours. It lasted about a week. Then she suddenly became silent and when I asked it how there the man of her dream lives, the little sister grievously answered that in soul he at all not prynts, and and ardent feelings tortures a pryntsess it not to it, and to her best friend, which, by the way, too the gay! Quietly rugnuvshis on them the indecent word on the letter p she brushed away a lonely tear and again moved off in searches that . Here such here history

Can you should not abuse on them, and it is necessary to look for the reason in himself? I mean all fine half mankind. For the last a floor of a century of the woman became so independent, strong that men, probably subconsciously feel the uselessness. And as in a being they are the gentle, demanding cares, attention and love, they began to look for all this in similar. Generally, ourselves the feminism dug the own grave. Why, it is asked, to us to be the head? Since ancient times the part of the neck twirling by the head where will want is assigned to the woman. What do we climb - that there where to us this neck can be turned off easily? Matriarchy - business, of course, good, but dangerous. Why the force to show? Better great puppeteers of the muzhchinok to pull threads, and all will be happy: men - the imaginary power, women - result of the policy.

Girls, I urge all of you not to be silly women, and strenuously to represent them, and can then we will achieve world peace!