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Louise von Salome. How to hold on a long lead of great men, remaining the touchy person?

on February 5, 1937 in the ancient German city of Gyottengena one of the most unusual and legendary women of Europe died. Perhaps, she wanted to live a week more to the 76 - the anniversaries, but forces left it. Whether she was that daughter of Eve about what French speak: La femme fatale (femme fatale)? Or, maybe, the Muse who inspires the creative person on opening? Under her charm Ibsen and Tolstoy, Turgenev and Wagner, and also much less famous poets and writers got in due time. Or it was just El perro sobre el heno that in translation from language Lope de Vega means Dog in the manger ?

Meanwhile, Germany was not its homeland historically. Yes, in veins of her parents the German blood flew, and Louise von Salome, or, it is more habitual for Europeans - Lu, Gustava von Salome who still the boy, at Alexander I, was brought to St. Petersburg for receiving military education from the French Avignon was born in St. Petersburg, in the general`s family.

the Beloved daughter of the father, the capricious person

But a family considered themselves as the Russian, though all talked either in German, or in French languages. Louise into Russian of manners was called Lelya, and she showed the full independence in enough - early age. In - the first, cast the family into shock the fact that declared that there is no God (where he looked while her favourite cat died?) . In - the second, at teenage age was fond of liberal ideas and everywhere carried with itself Vera Zasulich`s photo shooting at the St. Petersburg city`s mayor Trepov. It were two very serious offenses, but Lelya was very much loved in a family at least because she was born after five brothers

In 17 years she for the first time tried the charms on men. Flatly refused to issue it the passport for the purpose of trip abroad for treatment (too loudly she renounced church), then she decided to kill two hares. On the one hand to pretend that she all - looks for a way to belief: for this purpose she also visited nearly daily till some hours of the pastor Giyo, the house teacher of children Alexander II and the master of thoughts of Russian intelligentsia of that time. With another - only it could give it the false document on communion in church, using the Dutch communications.

Oath for the rest of life?

all this Ended with

not as the young seductress planned. For the father who is devoutly believing the long relations of the daughter and pastor became shock - it turned out that his young daughter seduced not somebody, and the pastor besides married. It only accelerated death of the father. The truth - seduced - sounds too loudly - the intimate proximity between them did not happen though they stopped in a step from it. But for Lu the physical proximity became as if a hint since then on some terrible misfortune which by all means happens as payment. And since then she resolved - to remain for herself forever a virgin.

And it was necessary to leave Giyo shortly after he reported it swear that gets divorced from wife and is Lu`s suitor for the hand. The girl eavesdropped on this conversation and understood that even to such person who has to guard religious and family values from her, Lu, is necessary not so much spiritual proximity what she so aspired to how many physical.

Neither Re, nor Nietzsche managed to wake in Lu the woman

to the decision Lu followed perfectly. Even then, when in Rome she got acquainted with the philosopher Paul Re, and it fascinated her from the first meeting: breadth of views, courage of reasonings, uncommon mind. Paul perfectly saw what impression he made on 21 - the summer girl. It seemed to it, still slightly - slightly, and she will rush to its embraces. Lu sometimes allowed the new friend of to kiss, but no more than that. And hands and hearts rejected its offer.

Then he decided to acquaint her with the best friend - the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who was more senior 31 - summer Paul for long seven years, hoping that he against the aging philosopher Lu will agree to it. But to Nietzsche there was the same focus, as with Re - he too quickly assured himself that Lu is crazy about it. They met about a month when Friedrich solved - the girl ripened . Also suggested it to become his wife

As you think, she agreed with pleasure? He was already rather famous! Anything similar! She rejected the offer moreover and did not talk to Fritz several days for the fact that he without its permission wrote the letter to St. Petersburg to the Front sight (so Louise called mother) with a request to agree to marriage.

Of course, Paul Re madly was jealous Lu of Fritz. The last had approximately the same feelings. But hot Finnish guys did not challenge to a duel of each other. In - the first, in their environment it was not accepted, and, in - the second, the Russian girl suggested them absolutely mad option - to live three together! But without any intim. And here spiritual proximity will be more than enough!

the Tripartite alliance existed not for long...

A what they needed to do? Reluctantly agreed. And at first even enjoyed society of this mighty three . But idyll lasted long not so. Paul was almost sure that Lu secretly sleeps with Fritz, and Nietzsche, on the contrary, suspected that, refusing to him proximity, them Muse far more favourably to Re.

These most severe contradictions, and also the attacks of a painful headache pursuing Friedrich almost persistently also became the reason that he just physically did not manage to write long. And its well-known work So Zaratrusta " spoke; too it is in many respects aphoristic. By the way, the author also did not hide that she when writing the book by his main inspirer was the most beloved Lu .

However, has not the luck to call her the wife to either Paul, or Friedrich. The teacher of the Berlin university Friedrich Karl Andreas who got acquainted with 25 - summer Lu in a year of the 40 - the anniversaries managed it only. He asked hands and hearts too and as Re with Nietzsche, was refused, but was prepared for it thoroughly. As soon as Lu said Is not present the teacher snatched out a knife and having put it to the breast, demanded to change the decision. Lu repeated Is not present and a moment later the knife plunged into a thorax. Fortunately, the wound was nonlethal

Refused even to the husband

you did not forget about the pastor Giyo yet? Lu addressed it, having appeared in this ticklish situation. To refuse to subject finally, so Andreas`s life of danger of death. To marry - to recede from the principles. Wise Giyo prompted it an exit: to conclude marriage konrtakt in which to include special point on refusal of intimate proximity. They lived together long and almost happily, the whole 43 years, but never as her biographers testify, Lu conceded to harassments of the lawful spouse Is not present

, she did not remain a touchy person until the end of the days. After 31 year in it the feminine suddenly wakened, and the first the flower of innocence was picked by George Ledebur, one of founders Independent sotsiat - democratic party of Germany and the Marxist newspaper Forvarts in the future - the member of the Reichstag. But it happened how Lu finally quarreled with Paul Re who considered that the beloved deceived him.

As often happens when a volcano of desires to constrain long, it, having broken loose, sweeps away everything on the way. So it turned out also at Lu. It, legally remaining Friedrich Andreas`s spouse, hits in all heavy, changing lovers of one behind another, and their list is made pretty often by very self-sufficient men. Only one young poet Rene Rilke of what costs. But it had lovers in many European countries including Russia.

Love without happiness? whether

is Endured from - about this Re with Nietzsche? I think, not without it, to them - that, probably, was very a pity that they were rejected. However, Nietzsche soon became not before, he suffers several years madness. So far, at last, in 1900 does not die in psychiatric clinic. Having been left without close people, Paul Re rises to mountains, and in several days rescuers find its corpse. All this is very similar to suicide.

And Lu? Whether she in herself felt a remorse? Repentance? Torments? Perhaps. She tries to understand herself, and the book " becomes result of her reflections; Sensuality which sustained five reprintings in Europe

B 1911 Lu meets Siegmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. They are on friendly terms but Lu suddenly finds out that Freud in panic is afraid of rapprochement with the woman

God saved it from punishment

It was a last straw. Besides at Andreas from the servant the daughter whom Lu brings up as own is born. Mari remains with the foster mother to the death the Last years Lu`s lives were awful

. The Hitlerites who came to the power built in the absolute of idea of Nietzsche which keeper of archive was his younger sister with whom at Lu the relations half a century more were not taken back. Moreover, the sister marries the nazi and scribbles a denunciation of the unaccomplished daughter-in-law. Lu is advised to leave Germany. She does not manage to make it. And only God rescues it from punishment.

Fortunately, fascists did not manage to mock at the famous writer. They revenged it after death. Nazis defiantly burned all its books