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What the simple smile is capable of?

One acquaintance on the offer are more often on life to smile more often declared that it supposedly not the foolish to go and just like that to lybitsya and that there are already enough problems. Well here you will tell! Our little children capable to smile or burst out laughing during the day to three hundred times, obviously at the same time do not look silly or unnaturally. Just the opposite - if they do not do it, we will begin to sound alarm: something not so with the child whether ached

In this regard the vast majority of seniors obviously lose to younger generation. Alas, but on average about only 5 - 10 smiles in a day are the share of the adult. And it taking into account curve and sarcastic grins!

If you feel that you can already be referred to category such och - chen serious people or that you here - here will get to it, and you do not want it, try to begin with very simple actions.

Observe yourself and the feelings while on your face there is a smile, and especially - when you laugh. Except that you will surely note improvement of mood, you will also not notice in yourself fear, anger, doubts or any negative thoughts. Try and learn in it by the experience. But indispensable condition: the laughter or a smile have to be natural! We by the nature are simply not capable to feel fear or rage and at the same time still at the same time to laugh. Something one will not turn out - either the fear, or laughter will not be.

Look at small children. They have all problems, experiences, pleasures just on a face are written. If was upset, then lips a skovorodnik - and in tears. And was delighted to something - at once a smile to ears, ringing laughter. They are direct and did not learn yet how we to hide the emotions. That is communication of an emotional state with a look on their example is obvious.

But if this communication automatically works in one party, then why not to try to start it in the return?! To begin to influence our emotion through work with the person. On a face there are a lot of mimic muscles which receive command signals from a large number of the nervous terminations. And, depending on type of these signals, muscles build this or that expression of our person: offense, grief, pleasure, disappointment and so on. Now ourselves, forming the same smile, through it we influence these terminations. And they, in turn, feedback influence our psychoemotional state.

It is experimentally proved: if to put on on itself a mask of the afflicted person, through some time the mood will deteriorate. And vice versa: the bad mood literally through one - considerably improves two minutes if to put on pleasure mask.

About advantage of a smile in front of the mirror

Would be well much to take itself for the rule to stand few times in day for three minutes with a direct backbone in front of the mirror and to poulybatsya by the most beautiful smile! You ask: What exactly will this achieve? And why it is obligatory with a direct backbone moreover looking in a mirror?

When you, smiling, look in a mirror, fix the most beautiful and natural expression of the person, including expression of eyes. And then in usual life to it you will easily come back - to the most beautiful and natural! Besides, watching itself in a mirror, you do not allow the mind " somewhere; to departure and to forget about its duty, main at this moment, - creative creation of the finest smile!

Besides, except a smile, you form also a beautiful bearing, getting rid from round-shouldered, the bent weight of problems backs. The beautiful, so correct posture, besides purely external appeal, promotes also internal rejuvenation of an organism!

At the time of a smile you are most harmonious, natural and open to the world, so all vital currents circulating in an organism and feeding it become more active. And the direct and opened backbone representing main vital artery these currents, has much less resistance for their course. What allows vital forces to arrive fully to all internals and systems.

Now there is a little patience, and literally in a couple of minutes the good mood will begin to fill you. A minute more on fixing of this state - and you are ready to the solution of all tasks set for you. Only now without swearing at the slightest pretext, and with internal ease and pleasure.

Regularly training, you will remember more often this state and it is easy to come back to it. It will allow you to be in life more benevolent and quiet person. And it also a good example for people around!

About advantage of a smile in a bed

Also I want to give one more advice how to help myself with that the good mood became the constant fellow traveler. In the morning before getting up, smile to . Not only lips, but also all over! Smile so that inside it became warmer. Similarity of a smile on duty or some rubber the grin does not pass here, only a sincere and pure smile!

But if suddenly so it turned out that already rose and remembered that forgot to smile, then back in a bed it is not necessary to climb. Smile where remembered it. And not to forget about a smile, place before a bed a reminder on it - some phrase or the ridiculous picture. Literally in several days this procedure will be included into norm and the reminder on it is not required any more.

It will be very good if together with a smile you do not forget somehow internally, very sincerely to thank the life for what she presented to you one more day. To thank for the next provided chance in something to become better, more human, to understand something, to learn new, to help someone, to make something kind! To thank for one more opportunity to learn the life more, to make friends with it.

Thank and smile. And during the second smile do not forget to wish all live on the earth good luck, pleasure, love and health. If the external form of a smile is filled with such internal contents, then its quality will repeatedly amplify!

in conclusion

In this article we concerned only the most initial part of a subject of influence of a smile and laughter on our mood and internal state. Of course, there are much more interesting and deep methods of influence, for example smekhoterapiya where the session only of one laughter can last till one and a half hours in a row! But the unprepared and untrained person of such influence just will not sustain.

Therefore, except laughter, the smekhoterapiya surely included learning of a complex physical (from yogovsky gymnastics) and certain breathing exercises, elements of an intellectual zatikhaniye, a deep relaxation and many other things that in total prepares an organism for powerful clarification from the saved-up stresses, toxins and slags. But and result, respectively, incommensurably above.