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Lie price...

She sat at a window. In her eyes there was a flour, and on usunuvshtsya the person, any emotions. The girl looked at leaves which being turned, fell from a maple. In the head thoughts, about treachery, lie and about fate of destiny crowded. She considered herself fateful.

A year ago.

Chapter 1

Is time to think of itself

to it seventeen years Today. Relatives gave gifts, lifted toasts for health of the girl, but she lacked something on this holiday. Of course, there was no her father. As well as each child she wanted to have a family, but the destiny disposed differently, the father left them when she was three years old. Its leaving was not final, and later few years, it returned again again to leave. Mother of the girl hoped that he will understand that so it is impossible to live and just did not accept him back more.

to Live without parental caress and care it is very sick. Did not buy by it beautiful toys, did not drive in a zoo, did not read the fairy tale for the night. She went to school, helped mother to clean up with the house, prepared to eat and other work which she only could, but only that, mother, it was easier.

Lived they with mother in the small settlement, is not far from the city of Lutsk. The robin was quite big settlement where there came many new inhabitants. People liked to have a rest from city bustle on a recheka that was behind the settlement.

While on summer vacation friends of the girl went hiking or to bathe on the small river ─ it helped mother to work with a kitchen garden. Every day, so far, mother, was at work the girl weeded a grass on potato and was thrilled on the burning sun. It was a trouble floor, but the fact that mother of a segd accused it of leaving of the father, just finished.

In the tenth class the girl understood that to mother, it is also not necessary as well as to the father. It was for it ˝ working horse ˝. Then she thought up rules by which she began to live, its relations with mother became worse than ever.

Why you became such reserved? ─ asked mother indignantly once.

─ I have nothing to tell, excuse. ─ She looked crookedly at mother and hurried it to leave one.

─ Stand when mother talks to you! Hm You same as well as your father - stubborn and silly. the Girl looked at

on mother once again, but already with contempt and left. Today she did not want to do anything, she decided to spit on reproaches of mother and went for a walk. On the way to park she met the neighbor who napryavlyalsya mouths of the calf.

─ Hi Artur! ─ she shouted to it.

─ Hi! I go on shkolny stadium, do not want with me?

─ With pleasure, I just swore with mother and there is a wish to get away far away from the house.

They sat at stadium and talked about music. Artur was younger from it for three years. The girl`s look was suddenly distracted by guys by bicycles, they went as mentally ill people. One went on a back wheel and it was visible as from - under a blayzer he watched reaction of the girl.

─ Artur, who these morons?

─ In a blue t-shirt my cousin, and what wants to make impression on you, not local. It from Lutsk - comes to the grandmother.

─ And what is his name?

─ Andrey! ─ he told with a smile.

She sat and thought of that as to it this name is not pleasant. Guys still passed couple of grug around stadium and podekhal to them.

─ Hai Arik! ─ his brother told Artur.

─ What to you?

─ Who is it? Really your girl? ─ from the words it began wildly ˝ to neigh ˝!

─ This is my neigbour, ─ Artur told very seriously. the Girl watched

this not really pleasant conversation and understood that brothers are not on friendly terms. She wanted to look at the second guy, but sense of shame overcame her over mere curiosity. Having looked down on the bedroom-slippers she waited when they leave, and she will be able normally to look before herself.

─ Went from here, it becomes very boring! ─ it was told by Andrey and having developed the bicycle, was going to go.

It breathed sigh of relief and at last raised the head to look at the leaving guy. It was average height, is tightened also with big shoulders, under a blayzer she could not make out well his face, but it seemed to her that it is nice.

Having come back home the girl at once forgot about the guy, it was waited by angry mother with the next reproaches. Having collected all the forces she looked at mother.

─ Where devils carried you? Unless you do not know that you had to me help with a kitchen garden? ─ she told it with such rage that at the girl ran goosebumps.

─ I have to nothing to you! ─ the girl quietly answered.

─ Unless? You forgot who you feeds, puts? Your daddy did not want with you nyanchitsya, and took and got rid of you to me, forgot?

─ And it can just could not transfer you? ─ the girl shouted so loudly that the neigbour who worked in a kitchen garden looked back.

─ What? What did you tell? Clear off. Collect the rags and clear off.

─ Great. I and will make. With tears she ran to the house and began to pack the things in a small package. It shook hands and shook a knee with fear, but the anger was stronger. She did not want to concede mother, it followed her words.

─ Alla? Forgive me the child, forgive! ─ mother ran up to the daughter and embraced.

─ I did not want to offend you, the word of honor. Just you do not obey me, I do not know what with you is created?!

─ Mother! I am a person too and I do not want to dig all life in the earth. I want to have a rest with friends or just to lie down and to do nothing. You understand me?

─ You want to idle as your friends? ─ asked her mother seriously.

─ I want to live! ─ having told these words the girl just turned away from mother and went to the room. Pomyvshys she began to brush quickly teeth mother did not come yet. That day she long could not fall asleep, she was tormented by mother`s words. Really she deysvitelno thinks that the father threw it from - for me? It is just nonsense!

. The last month of vacation came to an end, and the girl has not a rest. Artur has to with mother of a mouth of calfs, ─ today; the girl, ─ thought; so it will be the whole day in the field. At it the thought flashed that it can go with them and it is good to have a rest on the sun. Taking an opportunity mother at work so far, she took a backpack and put couple of apples, a small small bottle of water and sunglasses there.

─ Hello, Natalya Semenovna! It is possible I today I will go with you in the field.

─ Of course, Allochka, ─ the woman told heat.

the Field was behind the settlement, it stretched a green rug to the following settlement. She inhaled a fresh smell of a grass and sprawled in the field.