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Socionics and psychotypes: whether they and what for?

About the fashionable direction by name " are necessary; socionics many legends go. Opinions on it are opposite - it has both unconditional supporters, and so unconditional opponents. The first sometimes begin to perceive the world only through a sotsionichesky prism; the second claim that it is antiscientific nonsense and attempt to squeeze variety of persons in a rigid framework of 16 schemes.

In my opinion, the truth lies in the middle. The socionics is not omnipotent and is not powerless; it is not the only and indisputable truth, and convenient and practical model. If to treat her as to model, it can bring considerable benefit.

What is described by socionics and whether really she tries to squeeze the personality in the scheme called by a social type? It by no means not so. All variety of the personality, certainly, in any scheme is not entered. The problem of socionics is much more modest: to describe, how exactly people perceive, process and transfer information.

In this sense division of people into 16 types expands consciousness rather, than narrows. People can assume that all others perceive the world the same as they are. And opening that processing device to information at others it is arranged differently, can surprise much them.

What the socionics calls information ?

Let`s imagine a locker with 4 regiments. On the top shelf the inscription Adult or Creative person . Here the tools and materials helping the person lie: a) to understand the mission; b) to create something really standing; c) to feel confident and it is easy; d) to set the purposes, important for itself and to find the necessary means for their realization.

On the second shelf an inscription: Parent Critic Everything, as at people or So it is necessary . Here other tools lie - they help to wear a social mask, to play by rules, to critically perceive and estimate the events and to reject that it seems harmful or just useless.

It is valuable qualities, but it is necessary to pay for them. In particular, - it can turn out hypersensibility to any criticism dangerous! Besides in this area of people criticizes himself for own imperfection: the second shelf - the area of perfectionism.

On the third shelf of an inscription: Child I need the help I Want to study! . On it the tools allowing the person to feel as the child - sometimes helpless, sometimes tender, sometimes inquisitive lie. Here the care, attention, support, and also the good mentor are necessary; unlike the top shelf close to heaven and deriving inspiration from above, here he will independently create nothing especially valuable. It is much simpler to learn at experts, than to spend a huge number of energy for the sake of rather modest result

On the lower shelf of an inscription: Magic assistant Go there, I do not know where or I do not know Itself how it at me turns out . This shelf is on the earth, and from it the entrance to the underground world concealing unknown forces which come to the rescue the necessary minute is seen and leave goodness knows where.

Those who use tools to destination are usually called the successful, harmonious, realized personality .

Unfortunately, not everyone knows on what shelf that at them lies. And if to try to hammer with the screw-driver nails, and the hammer to sort a microscope, it is difficult to expect success and harmony.

And here - that the socionics can come to the rescue.

Carl Gustav Jung called contents of shelves thinking feeling intuition and sensoriky . The last two names in socionics and remained, and thinking and feeling turned in to the logician and ethics .

These 4 tools at different people lie on different shelves. At one thinking is on the regiment Creativity, force, sozidatelnost at others - on the regiment It is So necessary at the third - on the regiment I small and helpless . Agree that this a little different thinking.

For example, that who has a thinking (logic) on the top shelf does not feel complexes in this area. If to call him the odd fellow with foolish ideas, he will only indulgently grin as the jazzman - the virtuoso which reproach for the fact that he did not learn Clementia`s sonatina. Or will feel passion and with pleasure will rush in a verbal duel.

Ethics at it lie on the shelf with inscriptions: It is So necessary and Do not dare to criticize me - I am engaged in it . And if to reproach him with the heartless attitude towards people, he will apprehend it far not so kindly. Rage flash, ice silence, deadly offense expect the one who carelessly touched a sore spot. He told: You have all not as it is necessary!

Sure that others react in the same way, and being a person kind, he will try to treat others as he wants that treated it: will not affect the ticklish area of the interpersonal relations, but will quietly dare to play a trick on nonsense and dullness of the interlocutor. And until he deals with logicians, they perfectly will understand each other.

But if he meets the person at whom ethics lie on the top shelf, and the logic - on the second, waits for it unpleasant surprise. The interlocutor will extremely painfully react on absolutely innocent, according to the logician, the phrase: You just do not understand it but will quietly apprehend reproaches in insensibility or fieriness.

Etik, in turn, will be indignant with what is represented to him a combination of sincere callousness and unreasonable sensitivity. Will seem to everyone that another attaches significance to some nonsense and does not understand that actually is important.

And if it is relatives, spouses or employees, they can complicate strongly each other life.

The socionics will help them to understand as where it lies on the shelf of another. Its language is rather simple: Look: at it thoughts lie where you have feelings, - and vice versa. When you say that he understands nothing, for him it is all the same what to tell you that you feel nothing. It is clear?

Such cards describing the maintenance of others lockers are very useful and capable to preserve a lot of time and nerves.

It is even more useful to understand the case because even if we will go to the desert, all of us will equally take ourselves with ourselves. Unfortunately, often people accept to the regiment So it is necessary for the regiment I can and the censor`s pencil - for the artist`s brush. Education very promotes this confusion: since the childhood we are learned to behave as it is necessary to study where it is prestigious and to choose work where we are waited by the social approval (expressed, including, in a money equivalent) and successful career. All this values of the second shelf, and the attention goes to it while the first shelf - the place of true force and talent - remains in neglect and becomes covered by a mold because nobody told it to the owner in time: Be engaged in the fact that it is rather interesting to you .

The socionics is necessary to those who was lucky it to hear much less. When the person develops the first shelf, he has a natural and organic access to inexhaustible internal resources, the high self-assessment and self-confidence having nothing in common with arrogance and complacency because it is confidence in the validity of the Way. The saying quoted by Napoleon Hill concerns to such person: We appreciate a rose its beauty, but not that it has no thorns .

The socionics will not help your rose to blossom. It will show where there are saplings which will blossom at appropriate leaving and where only the prickles quite suitable for a garden fencing will grow, but absolutely deprived of buds how many them water. Why at others it turns out? Because at them IT lies on the shelf with the inscription Roses . And if you want to learn at them something, learn to grow up own - one and only - a pink bush.