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What to the Russian school students to wait from USE in 2009 for?

School, school For everyone under this word something special disappears, but all passed through final examinations. And having said goodbye to school, took entrance examinations in higher educational institutions. Knees and hands shivered, thoughts were confused one in another, and language was braided before a look of the strict examiner.

Now decided to make much more simply and entered USE, the so-called Unified state examination which gives the chance to pass final examinations and introductory for once. That is - both wrote, and study further!

This innovation came to us from America (really where without it), and some even say that it was made with the purpose to undermine our potential. In Europe made experiments of this sort too, but there are no analogs of such examination as conceives the Ministry of Education, in the world anywhere. Such monster, with so powerful " functions;. (From conversation with Nikolay Andreyev - the secretary of the commission on school mathematical education of office of mathematical sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences) by

Since 2002 experimental tests in some subjects of the Russian Federation, and in 5 years already and across all Russia began to be carried out, but still USE was only experiment, and nobody was forced to its delivery. This year this technique of examination became obligatory for all pupils of 9 and 11 classes of high comprehensive schools.

In February higher education institutions published the list of objects, necessary for this or that specialty. Graduates needed only to be defined what exactly to hand over, till March 1 to submit the application - and to sit to study textbooks, to solve various tests. USE will be carried out from May 26 to June 19.

In 2009 school students who do not want to continue the further education do not need to hand over in addition any more 3 school subjects of the choice (as it was in last years), it is necessary to write only obligatory Unified State Examinations in mathematics and Russian, to receive the certificate and to be free. At choice 9 more objects are provided to the rest: literature, history, geography, chemistry, physics, informatics, social science, biology and foreign languages (English, German or French). The school student has the right to choose what quantity of objects he needs to hand over, proceeding from requirements of the higher education institutions interesting him.

Results of this testing will be valid within two years so everyone who does not want to arrive this year can file the same documents in the following.

For those to whom will not carry and to pass the Unified State Examination from the first it will not turn out, the second attempt will be provided. If also it is unsuccessful, then will issue to the school student the reference that he studied, but was not learned.

Who knows as far as this innovation of justifies? Disputes do not cease still and will cease not soon. Because, on the one hand, at Unified State Examination identical requirements are imposed to all pupils, and they have identical opportunities for entering a higher education institution, but nevertheless many claim that examination by means of the test does not give the chance to reveal to the school student and to prove fully.

We can abuse USE or praise, and it is necessary to hand over all the same. So it is necessary to have patience and forward. Break a leg!