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What is the Riga balm nice for? History of drink

of Goethe called it youth elixir also sang in the poem Faust . He was very much esteemed by Alexey Kosygin and Charles de Gaulle, and among present fans - the English royal family. It by right is considered the hallmark of Latvia. It is about the Riga balm.

the Start in life from Catherine II

History of the Riga balm originates from the middle of the 18th century and it is connected with Russia and its empress Catherine II of that time. Somehow she welcomed to Latvia and there got sick. The Russian empress had gripes.

Then by the Riga druggist Abraham Kuntz to Ekaterina it was offered a miracle - " balm; as her illness medicine. It was called by name his manufacturer, that is Balm Kuntz . The druggist had an ancient recipe of the 17th century in which preparation of vodka infusion from curative herbs was described. It is for certain unknown, how strictly Kuntz adhered to this recipe, but its medical balm consisted of 75% of aromatic water, 22,5% of spirit tincture and 2,5% of tincture of a saffron. At such addition of components drink with a strength of 16 degrees turned out.

The most laborious and exact work needed to be done for receiving aromatic water. For its receiving the composition from leaves of a lavender, a peppermint, a sage and rosemary, fruits of fennel and bark of cinnamon was filled in with 87% alcohol (volume of 75 ml) and water (300 ml). After days all this was distilled. Result - 200 milliliters of aromatic water.

But we will return to the Russian empress. Catherine II was very pleased curative properties of the balm sent her. It cured it of an illness, the empress was enraptured and granted to the druggist from Riga the privilege on production a miracle - " balm;. About it the enterprising Russian merchant Sergey Lelyukhin heard and bought retseptik at Abraham. Lelyukhin closely was engaged in this business: since 1789 300 000 ceramic small bottles with this drink went every year to Russia from Riga. So, thanks to the Russian ruler the Riga black balm became fashionable at her yard and began to appear even more often on tables of the nobility of Russia, and later and all Europe.

33 medals and recovery of the lost recipe

B 40 - x years of the 19th century production of balm was put on an industrial basis. Since 1847 up to the beginning of World War II by production Riga grass " balm; was engaged fermenting - alcoholic factory of Albert Volfshmidt. During this time, and if to be absolutely exact, during the period from 1860 to 1935, the Riga balm got 33 gold and silver medals at the international exhibitions.

As masters Shradera`s brothers worked at factory, and they kept a secret of preparation of drink. In 1939 they had to go to Germany. They left and took away this secret, without having given in on arrangements and requests of the owner of that time factories to sell a compounding. During war, long time after it was heard nothing about balm. Most likely, Shradera could not use the technology which is available for them. Latvia began to consider that the original recipe is lost forever.

So considered up to 1954 when on The Riga plant of liqueur - the vodka products again began to release ceramic bottles with the Riga balm. Masters of this plant step by step, a trial and error method and all chemical analyses restored original taste of the lost recipe. The remained portions of unrealized balm undertook a standard.

the Hallmark of the Republic of Latvia

All second half 20 - go centuries and up to now Riga black " balm; by right it is considered the hallmark of Latvia. It is very popular with tourists, as a souvenir it is taken away both to Russia and the CIS countries, and to Europe and far America. The success of this Latvian brand is explained first of all by originality of taste and quality.

Balm is maintained in special oak barrels that bitterish taste introduces in a bouquet. Drink is issued in original ceramic bottles which are made of special clay (still Hippocrates established that only in pottery all curative properties of any product remain). The ceramics not only keeps medicinal properties, but also protects contents from influence of sunshine.

Unfortunately, ceramic bottles do not protect balm from fakes. So, the forged Riga black balm closed by a plastic stopper (but not original oak), with a strength of 50,4% instead of the put 45% was revealed about 10 years ago. So be careful of fakes. you Want

- pure, you want - disturb

And finally we will talk about how it is the best of all to drink the Riga balm and, certainly, we will give recipes of several popular cocktails on its basis. More than fifty components from carefully selected herbs, berries, fruit, flowers, oils, juice and korenyev are a present part of balm. This black, viscous and very fragrant drink usually is served with coffee in small liqueur liqueur glasses.

If you prefer tea, then safely add to it 1 - 2 spoon of balm (sugar and a lemon to taste). Will lighten such tea drinking and mood, and will reduce stress. Latvians as soon as do not experiment: and to beer the balzamchik is added, and to the cook - Coca, mix it with champagne, ice cream and even with tomato juice.

There is also a specialty Riga cocktail : one part of juice of blackcurrant mixes up with two parts of black balm, all this is drunk by warmed up.

Try also other recipes of cocktails with the Riga balm:

Black mojito

1 parts of the Riga black balm, 4 parts of Sprite, a half of the crushed lime, fruit syrup, shredded ice.

Black energy

1 parts of the Riga black balm, 4 parts of energy drink, ice.

Sugar Black

2 parts of the Riga black balm, 1 part of coffee liqueur, 1 part of cream, ice.

Black Cranberry

1 parts of the Riga black balm, 4 parts of cranberry juice.

Enjoy, but always you remember: excessive alcohol intake seriously damages your health!