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How to salt fat?


Think, there is no need to explain that such lard. Yes, yes about it there are jokes, argue on harm and advantage. But I will not speak neither about advantage, nor about harm. Let people who studied the matter enough be engaged in it. - I will tell several recipes of salting of fat for those who, despite of bans, all - likes to indulge itself with this ancient product sometimes.

In rural farms volumes of the kept fat can reach several tens kilograms. Now in it there are no problems as practically each person has a refrigerator with a deep freeze. But there was time when there were no household refrigerators. Nevertheless, fat needed to be kept in the summer and in the winter. In villages it was stored for the use in food when performing a hard work, such as preparation of firewood, production of spring landings and crops, a haymaking and cleaning of hay, harvesting.

the Recipe the first

Ancient rural salting
Salting is connected by
directly with storage.

Took a wooden barrel on 100 - 120 liters and washed with a horsetail marsh as they speak, until white . Then scalded boiled water and dried. After that the barrel was put to the cool place where sunshine and heat did not get. It could be the cellar or a special dungeon. The bottom of a barrel was filled up with a layer of coarse salt on which stacked the fresh, well cooled fat in one row. Then this number of fat was filled up with a salt layer by about 5 - 10 cm. Stacked on this layer fat again and so filled a barrel with a product up to the top. Naturally, finished with a salt layer. Covered leaky wooden. So fat was salted, and could be stored for months. The benefit it cannot be put too much salt. It absorbs in itself only necessary amount of salt.

I offer recipes of modern salting below. It is intended to

for small quantities and the use at incontinuous storage.

the Recipe of the second

Simple salting
to Take
the fresh, well purified fat small pieces from 0,5 to 1 kg and to rub from all directions with coarse salt. It is better to have pair pieces of fat identical by the sizes. Then to put two pieces of fat in a briquette with each other skins outside. To lay the put briquette of fat in a food polyethylene sack without holes. To close top of a sack so that the brine which is allocated from fat did not follow. The sack with a briquette needs to be laid in a plate a skin down, the second piece will be a skin up. To place a plate in the refrigerator for two days. In two days to turn a briquette with a sack so that the party on which it lay appeared from above, and to leave in the refrigerator for two days.

Then fat is ready to the use.

the Recipe the third

Ordinary salting with a chesnochok and pepper
to Take
fat in quantities, as well as in the second recipe. to Make for

garlic. On 0,5 kg of fat one - two big heads of winter garlic. In the absence of winter garlic it is possible to use summer. Matter of taste. To peel garlic of a peel and to cut very small. To grate the prepared fat with black pepper from all directions. Then to rub with salt, just as in the second recipe, only together with salt to rub garlic. When fat is grated with spices, layers which will keep within the friend to the friend, to strew with the remained garlic, having slightly pressed down it a palm. To put fat as in the second recipe and to place in a sack. The remained garlic it is necessary to process all parties of the put pieces and to densely wrap a food sack. Further to do everything as in the second recipe.

Only four days and you expects a fragrant smell and pleasant tastes of the prepared product.

the Recipe the fourth

Fast salting with a chesnochok and pepper
to Take
fat in quantities, as well as in the second recipe. To prepare it without use of spices. Then in the pan sufficient on volume for placement of two pieces of fat to fill in cold water. It is necessary to consider at the same time that subsequently the volume of the loaded fat did not force out water from a pan. To install a pan with water on a plate and to bring to boiling. By means of table forks to load the prepared fat into the boiling water. To bring to boiling and to reduce heating temperature. On low temperature at weak boiling to cook thin fat in 2 - 3 cm of 8 minutes, thicker fat of 10 minutes.

Upon termination of the set time extract fat by means of forks on a pure plate. Let`s it cool down slightly. Only not to be scalded. Further do all operations with hot fat as in the third recipe. fat turn

After the first days as it was described in the second recipe. Leave the turned fat for one days.

Only two days and fat it is ready to the use.

Bon appetit!