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How welcome guests in the Kazakh steppe?

to me were succeeded to get acquainted With this ceremony quarter of the century back in the neighborhood of the village of Kugala. The district which is rendered habitable around virgin state farms with settled settlements, but shepherds still wander with the flocks, breaking yurtas in traditional adjusted places.

For want of habit conditions in a yurta ideal do not seem. But vsyak sandpiper Therefore even in the large cities of Kazakhstan at all not a rarity when in the summer in the yard of a high-rise building the mobile dwelling of the Kazakh suddenly grows.

Kugalinsky vicinities are well-known for the potato, here it we are associates and prepared, having in passing a good time in process of forces. On a visit to the shepherd familiar to my friends broke spontaneously, having taken with themselves together with alcohol which - what edibles, in the steppe, on a heat and without refrigerator not so superfluous.

I do not know, how often shepherds welcome unexpected guests, but as if pioneers they are always ready to surprises. Meet on the algorithm fulfilled for years. It is not sure that everywhere ritual same, but it is logical and corresponds to conditions.

After a meeting, deliveries of the brought gifts and a usual exchange of courtesies invited us to a table. Nobody prepared for visit in advance therefore no dainties on a low dastarkhan existed. So far, at least.

What was offered guests? The vodka, hot tea and boortsogs fried in oil test pieces. Serious, I will tell you test. For luck the heat special was not any more, fall outside. But to wash down vodka with hot tea - it should be tried.

Slow conversation became gradually more cheerful. The unusual situation and specific snack, more precisely, its almost total absence affected. I thought to hint the owner what the bank - another of the stewed meat brought by us can and open, not that we here directly also will fall in a yurta, we will not sober up yet where then owners should spend the night?

But my fears were vain. Soon brought a big dish with hot kuyrdaky. It appears while we had a rest behind a tea drinking bowl, being surprised to such modest snack, someone from the owner`s family already slaughtered a ram, skinned him and started preparation of simple, but the most tasty steppe dishes.

Most quicker an offal, a liver, heart, lungs and kidneys prepare. All this goes in kuyrdak, traditional cream soup in which all these components are chopped and digested.

Not to confuse guests, forks and spoons were given. Though, happens do also without them, everyone has hands. Speak so more tasty, but I did not try.

Fun proceeded. Emergence of hot appetizer gave it additional incentive, effect of alcohol considerably was slowed down and appeared feeling that vodka by the efficiency not too differs from water.

When the most part of a kuyrdak was destroyed, and in a mouth already nothing climbed, the meat turn approached. It was brought on a huge dish, the blockhead which was handed to one of guests that it divided it into all from above flaunted. The sequence and value of ritual somehow disappeared from the head, part behind prescription of years, part because of the quantity drunk.

In brief - the section of the head is trusted the most senior and dear at a table. Each its part is allocated with the special value about what the elder keeps saying, presenting participants of a feast.

What is the time we carried out on a visit, I also do not remember. We left a hospitable settlement in the dead of night, examining the star sky. Meant a lot of work to persuade the owner not to see off us, otherwise the holiday could drag on for several days.

Not smaller work it was worth and getting home. However, everything managed and in general it another story altogether