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Wedding ring. Why it is called the main symbol of love?

Spring - a time of blossoming, blossoming and, of course, love. What girl does not dream to marry at this particular time? Bright juicy greens, the tender, not scorching yet sun, the high warm sky are time weddings. And future newlyweds are busy with prewedding efforts, the organization of a celebration, mailing of invitations, the choice of dresses and purchase of the main symbol of devotion and love - wedding rings.

A why rings received such rank?

the Most ancient mentions of rings appear in the Old Indian epos of the 11th century B.C. Then they were distinctive signs or possessory brands, later - symbols of the power: transfer of an imperial ring to the son meant the choice of the successor.

The custom came to give a ring to the darling to us from ancient Romans who presented to ladyloves iron rings ; gold rings then were not considered as jewelry, and spoke about the right of its owner to be engaged in trade. Much later this custom was even brought to the law level: It is A lot of those who after a gift of a ring forgot about fidelity and postponed a date of performance of the marriage contract, and therefore it is time for freedom of this to put an end .

And here in wedding Egyptians began to use a ring the first. In the Egyptian hieroglyphs the circle means eternity therefore rings and became a symbol of the joint life lasting and after death.

The tradition also belongs to the same far times to carry a ring on ring finger. Was considered that this finger is tied by a special nerve or a blood vessel with heart and even possesses certain medicinal properties which amplify when carrying a ring. Later even a peculiar language of rings appeared . The ring on a little finger said that its owner is single; on index, on the contrary, reported that his owner is in searches of the partner in life, on an average - about desire Platonic relations.

Wedding rings in Russia also existed long ago. In pre-Christian times the bride together with a ring was handed a key. It symbolized itself(himself) new position of the bride - hostess of the house . Such long history of wedding rings could not but acquire a set of legends and beliefs . Even attached them mystical significance: ability to influence destiny of a married couple.

For example, loss or breakage of a wedding ring is perceived as a harbinger of separation and destruction of marriage; it is impossible to allow to someone to measure the ring; to drop a ring to or during wedding it is also considered a bad sign; parents can give the wedding rings only if experience of their family life was successful (at the same time on an internal surface of rings often do the corresponding inscription - an engraving). Was considered even that wedding rings by all means have to be smooth, without stones or any other inclusions that not to break integrity of a circle - a symbol .

The tendency to change clothes of a wedding ring on the left hand in case of divorce, the symbolizing readiness of the person for the new relations is lately noticeable, but many still just remove rings.

And talk on harm of carrying a ring became still often heard . The matter is that at long carrying metal begins to be oxidized and allocate products of chemical reaction. And these products exert negative impact only on male gonads: scientists explain it with the fact that the female hormonal and reproductive system is better environmentproofed.

However, you should not panic. That oxidation process began, there have to pass years, but also it can be neutralized - more often to wash hands and to clean ornament. And here it is worth paying attention to other mechanism of influence of rings on health. It is known that in fingers with concentration a large number of the nervous terminations therefore you should not carry close rings.

Here such long and interesting story of a wedding ring, symbol of fidelity, devotion and infinity of love of two hearts. Recently not without participation of jewelers the tradition gets accustomed to give a ring - the promise when courting accepts serious character; a ring - eternity , the symbolizing revival or immortality of marriage (sometimes this ring is given after the birth of the first child); the ring - the trilogy , being three rings, on each of which sparkles round diamond that symbolizes the past, the present and the future of marriage.

But, whatever additional meanings you put in a wedding ring, one will remain the main thing, perhaps, forever: to give happiness and eternal love to the partner.