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Whether youth at any cost is necessary?

We want to remain beautiful and to look young, despite age. We adhere to diets, we buy cosmetics and even we lay down under the surgeon`s knife. It is normal, does not become obsession yet. In a pursuit of youth it is possible to lose the most important - himself!

From all directions on us press and convince as if we are obliged to look young. It is enough to turn on the TV and to look at advertizing. Women who in it are shown are beautiful, they have a smooth skin, an attractive body. No wonder, as we dream to look quite so.

Sometimes, apparently, that the world just went mad on a youth stump. As the world center of fight it is possible to consider the USA with age. There real war to aging signs is declared, there is even the whole sphere of science against aging in which the huge number of experts is involved. The movement on fight against aging is called antieydzhing also it is actively supported by producers of cosmetics, the medical centers and mass media. Aging is treated as an illness which it is necessary to treat. And scientists look for medicine.

But, despite decades of researches, a universal remedy did not find yet, but scientists were convinced only of one: the best way to suspend influence of time is... low-calorie diet!

to Starve - means to look younger?

the Most active participants of the movement an antieydzhing say that effective results are yielded by continuous stay in a condition of easy hunger. This theory confirmed with the American microbiologists provoked mad fashion to hunger strikes and strict diets.

In an easy diet and the truth there is nothing bad - everyone and applied us it, at least, once in life to dump couple of kilograms. But it is impossible to lead up a diet to the point of absurdity - it is simply dangerous! Nutritionists warn that long lasting hunger strikes without control of experts are extremely unhealthy. Of course, it is possible to refrain from food to allow to have a rest to a gastrointestinal tract, but it should not last longer, than one or two days.

Continuous ruthless restriction of number of calories (and especially liquids!) threatens with serious changes. In particular, it can cause various diseases of a liver or kidneys.

Elixir youth

Danger conceals in itself the use of food additives (dietary supplement - dietary supplement) or any vitamins, minerals and minerals. Recently all of them are more popular and for some already became habitual " first course; for breakfast or dessert .

Before beginning to swallow, for example, vitamin E or lyutein (which have to promote delay of aging of our organism), surely consult with the nutritionist and be convinced that to your organism these preparations will not damage.

During a fast food era when people got used to receive everything quickly and without efforts, numerous allegedly revolutionary developments enjoy special popularity. It opening in the area the antieydzhing became growth hormone (somatotropny hormone). In the nature it is developed by a hypophysis, but already many years are reproduced also by a synthetic method. One of effects of reception of the medicines influencing growth hormone - smooth skin, elastic muscles and absence of wrinkles. However side effects of similar therapy are up to the end not investigated.

In house conditions, without medical control, to use any preparations influencing development growth hormone it is dangerous. Therefore any promises of miracle effect of application of tablets - no more than advertizing gimmicks of sellers.

Lifting as habit

of All a few years ago phrase plastic surgery was something from life of the Hollywood stars or a top - models. Today advertizing of an office of plastic surgery can be seen everywhere. Gradually there is popular what was available only to the elite earlier. Lifting now habitual procedure which can soon become same natural as removal of hair standing.

In our country about 6 thousand plastic surgeons work. Offices of plastic surgery work in each million-plus city. Demand for plastic surgeries and esthetic procedures grows every year. It is normal, we receive more money and with pleasure we spend part of them for own appearance.

Records of popularity are set up by Botox (a prick of a botulin) and restilayn (a hyaluronic acid injection). You should not worry when the woman at the age of 45 years resorts to such procedure. But, unfortunately, young women give Botox injections in the preventive purposes. Similar procedures and the truth are effective. However psychologists sound alarm: from plastic surgeries it is possible to get to serious dependence - almost same strong, as from drugs.

Do not forget also that for today in Russia officially there are no specialties plastic surgeon and cosmetologist there are also no approved training programs. It is difficult to government bodies to fight against unfair clinics therefore danger to run into swindlers or laymans is still high. By data it is judicial - medical examination of Moscow, about 30 percent of claims of patients on plastic surgery and cosmetology are reasonable. And it is thousands of victims! there is no

to an expiration date

you can object

: All this personally does not concern me! I do not plan to starve to death, I am not going to swallow of any poison and especially to do plastic surgery! But, we want that or not, all of us in a different measure take part in universal race behind youth.

Shopping, we choose cream of new generation, serum or a mask about lifting - effect... We try to visit the cosmetologist, we protect skin from the sun in the summer, by means of a make-up we mask wrinkles, we dye hair to hide a gray hair.

Of course, nothing bad that we try to deceive a calendar no. The problem arises if begins to seem as if over time at people as at products, the expiration date expires. Alas, life itself pushes us to these reflections. Let`s employ young... We Look for the employee, the woman till 45 years - such announcements confirm fears that at mature age we can be unclaimed.

Women are afraid to be forced out by less skilled, but more attractive. Are afraid in spite of the fact that at them qualification more length of service is higher. Fortunately, the attitude of employers towards women aged begins to change gradually for the better. More and more companies are guided first of all by the previous experience of the employee, but not by his age.

Ageing from - for a stress

How to avoid fear of aging? How to resist to a persuasive advertizing wave? First of all, it is necessary to try to lead a rich life. It is slightly less time to devote to appearance. To concentrate on an inner world, the relations with people around. Beauty of soul is more important, than smooth face skin.

Do not forget that the best cosmetic - internal tranquility. The stress kills quicker, than free radicals! Than to lay down under a knife of the plastic surgeon, you descend to the psychologist better. The discontent with appearance which we test is frequent, has no real reasons. It subjectively also follows from rejection by the person of itself.

Instead of undergoing painful operations, solve problems at their sources. Especially as all diseases - from nerves. And it is not just an introduction, and a fact in evidence. The American scientists for 16 years put to volunteers various tests. It became clear that people with sense of humour and the easy relation to life live longer, than those who are nervous much.

Why then to spend life in a pursuit of youth if it turns out that even beautiful people if they live in dissonance with themselves, die quicker?