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Than to have breakfast?

the Truth are boring to absorb every morning invariable sausage or cheese sandwich?

you object that morning time is expensive also sandwiches just right. Well also do not change

to the habits. Sandwiches - so sandwiches!. But call, then to the aid the imagination. In - the first, butter and sausage - huge load of a liver, in - the second - is harmful to a figure. In - the third - it is honest, really did not bother?

A large number vkusnyushchy namazok, making thrifty use to zheludochno - to an intestinal path is known.

Ya I will acquaint you with ideas of such masses, and you will be able to compose fast in preparation of a namazka according to the tastes.

So, we will start. Let`s replace butter with skim cheese with vegetable additives, having reduced caloric content, at least, three times.

Do not worry, I am not going to feed you with fresh food. It will be very nourishing and tasty. Cottage cheese gives such feeling of satiety that, having eaten three sandwiches in the morning, you also do not remember a lunch.

So, idea 1. cottage cheese with vegetable additives, grasses and spices. Additives will improve taste, color and aroma of the main product.

can add To cottage cheese small cut green or onions, mayonnaise, salt and fennel; it is possible the pounded boiled eggs with mustard, fennel and green onions.

Are good on sandwich a herring with onions and mayonnaise or sour cream. Liver pate with melkonarezanny fennel on a cottage cheese pillow is very tasty.

Classical juicy namazka: cottage cheese, polished garlic, mayonnaise, fennel - will leave nobody indifferent. Also, as well as the Korean carrot in mix with sour cream and shredded nuts.

Idea 2 Vegetable caviar (aubergine, beet, mushroom, adjika, allsorts) from store jars or jars of own preparation will bring a pleasant variety food, however, as well as fish canned food in combination with the cut onions.

Is natural, preparation namazok should not take a lot of time. And in general it is better to prepare them in the evening, and in the morning only to smear on bread.

can be added To cottage cheese just only spice (chili pepper, mustard, a basil, rosemary, horse-radish, vanillin, cinnamon. They will change taste it to unrecognizability.

3rd idea. Addition in cottage cheese, honey, jam, raisin, dried fruits, pieces of fresh fruit, cocoa.

Idea 4. Well that only sandwiches since morning. It is possible to have breakfast the vermicelli boiled and filtered since evening to which we add sugar, sour cream and berries in the morning. Objedeniye! Taste of vareniki with berries. Imperial food! We eat cold.

Idea 5. We warm on a frying pan the same vermicelli boiled since evening and filtered with butter and cottage cheese, and it is better with sheep cheese. It is sure, it will be pleasant to you.

Idea 6. To warm pancakes on a frying pan in the morning and to wrap in them one of these stuffings.

Idea 7 to Lay out one of stuffings on a frying pan and to fill in with mix from the shaken-up eggs, cottage cheese and mayonnaise.

Idea 8. One of stuffings to arrange on a lettuce leaf. I warn: it is hungry!

Idea 9. To have breakfast an omelet (as Bulgarians love). The cut tomato, the crumbed sheep cheese are filled in with the shaken-up egg and five minutes are fried in sunflower oil. Not to salt! Very tasty and quickly.

Experiment! It is interesting. Bon appetit.