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Problems of fat skin are forever?

you groan from excess of fat now and do not suspect as you were actually lucky. This fat - greasing which is useful to your skin over time. Skin will keep elasticity till an old age, long will not be familiar with wrinkles. If your parents had fat skin, most likely, you will inherit this type of skin too.

The fact that you have enlarged pores, grease gloss, the inflamed eels, not terribly now. It is fixable At competent and persistent leaving fat skin will look as a result freshest and it is attractive.

it is necessary to Work, of course. To know the main thing as in what sequence to do.

Usually problems of fat skin arise early enough: the swirling of hormones at teenagers stimulates the raised salootdeleniye. A time is hammered with fat and extends; such grease traffic jams with black heads - comedones are formed. On sticky skin dust and dirt get and strongly keep, mixing up with greasing. The microbes which lodged on fat skin cause an inflammation around grease traffic jams. There are gnoynichka. At a favorable current they are just emptied; at adverse - merge in the big abscess leaving uneven hems after depletion.

Grey, brilliant, porous skin looks not well-groomed, careless.

A if on it massive abscesses, hems and ruts, then and even less so arise. Generally, picture unattractive.

you do not want to have such skin?! Then fight and teach the children to fight! Teenagers, as practice most often shows do not possess necessary hygienic and cosmetic skills. They should be taught the correct and consecutive care of skin. Considering age levity of teenagers, to remind more often what awful defects of skin they will face in the future at neglect hygiene.

However, leaving, of course, cannot be reduced only to clarification of skin. Spots grow at

from within, therefore, a task more difficult.

All there is a healthy lifestyle of, in treatment of pustulous diseases has paramount value. The sun, air and water favorably affect fat skin. Unlike dry and normal skin easy suntan is useful to it.

Greasy, fried, spicy, sweet food is contraindicated. In food vegetables and fruit have to prevail. It is necessary to adjust daily departure of intestines. It is very important!

At a serious pustulous illness medical assistance is obligatory. Choose the doctor who will treat your problems not indifferently. Not necessarily the dermatologist (dermatologist) has to appear him. If the reason in a hormonal imbalance, helps the endocrinologist if problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path - the attentive therapist. Consultation of the competent cosmetologist will not be excessive too.

Well and, of course, one of the main points of care of fat skin - its correct clarification.

One authors recommend washing with soap in the morning and in the evening, others consider that evening cleaning with soap enough. Approach the choice creatively.

At very thick layer of greasing is expedient washing with soap twice a day, and then when situation is improved, it is possible to be limited only to evening washing. The soapsuds are put on a face hands or a soft brush, left for 2 minutes and washed away warm water.

But is not necessary became enraged to scrub a face as the sailor the deck. Excessively rough processing is harmful. The thin layer of greasing on skin has to remain.

In - the first, fat locks water. Without it skin is dehydrated. In - the second, you stimulate with full degreasing the strengthened secretion of sebaceous glands; there is a vicious circle. Also contrast washings, wiping by ice after washing are useful. As fat skin has alkaline reaction, it is good to apply sour products to its cleaning; for example, to apply on the cleared skin for 10 minutes juice of white or red currant, and then to wash away.

Can wipe a face with the divorced vinegar, lemon juice. For disinfection of skin use boric, salicylic alcohol, 25% calendula tincture solution.

are Very useful spirit lotions which can be prepared. Limonno`s

- spirtovy lotion: to clear and cut a lemon, zalit200 vodka ml; to insist week. Ogurechno`s

- spirtovy lotion: small cut cucumber to fill in 200 ml. vodka; to insist week.

make Removal of comedones right after imposing of a hot compress, and it is even better after a steam tray. During cleaning the person it is periodically necessary to wipe 3% with hydrogen peroxide (disinfecting), and at the end of procedure to narrow pores

imposing proteinaceous or belkovo - a lemon mask.

the Beaten egg white of one egg, and in the second case with addition of 1 tea spoon of lemon juice is put on a face for 15 - 20 minutes before full drying of protein. Wash away a mask warm water and wipe with an ice cube during procedure the person has to be absolutely motionless. As. you see, very simply.

For protection from harmful external effects use the low-fat hydrating creams which contain also disinfectants.

The regularity and accuracy in performance of necessary procedures will allow to avoid the troubles connected with features of this type of skin and

to enjoy its health and purity.