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What to do on Friday, 13? We paint a cat in white color!

For a start let`s deal with signs of described above unhappy day . So, prosypanny salt led to contention in a family only during a time of its deficiency when it cost much, and it was difficult to get it. The ware - fights fortunately. Still: an opportunity to buy new - than not pleasure? By the way, hi a pigeon - too a right sign of luck! Unless it was not lucky: anywhere could get, and pleased just on you! The black cat is bad only the fact that ours cuts off, but, living in the huge city, it is impossible to avoid crossing of paths whether it is better to perceive them as an interlacing?! The good sign to meet in the morning the pregnant woman or the humpback. And still a badger, a wolf, a bear, but here to us will hardly carry! And that till Friday, the thirteenth to you here.

And here still several lovely, kind signs: eating of pancakes and peas - to prosperity; to be caught in the rain - to good luck; dual vegetables and root crops - fortunately; to find a five-petal flower of a lilac - to luck; for a luck attraction still throw shaggy caterpillars through the left shoulder; to hurt an elbow - to the new boyfriend And here to deceive somebody on April 1 - an indispensable condition of good luck during the whole year. The ring in the right ear means that your guardian angel flew to report about your good deeds, and now returned.

The guardian angel - one of the most favourite national characters. Since the birth the guardian angel who preserves us throughout all life is put to each of us; he rejoices when we make good acts, and cries when we are mistaken. In the people believed that the angel brings infantile soul from the sky and is present at the child`s birth. Therefore when among calm the easy breeze or the noisy company unexpectedly suddenly ran became silent, spoke: The silent angel flew by . Means, the kid somewhere was born. Grandmothers, putting grandsons to bed, often undo to the child of gate of a pajamas - that the guardian angel could look at his pure soul freely.

It is considered that the guardian angel watches the kid from the sky, from a window of a tower similar to a star. When the person dies, the angel flies behind his soul, and it seems to people that it falls a star. From here the sign to make a wish during this instant: the angel will refuse to nobody on the way.

Every night when there comes time of powers of darkness, the angel protects our dream, being behind the right shoulder. Speak if the kid laughs in a dream, so angels play with it. And on left the devil sits. Remember how many time for the life you spat on it, being afraid of a malefice! There is a lot of kind beliefs and signs about angels. For example, it is necessary to sweep the floor, " in the evening; that to angels it was pure to stroll .

As to treat various signs, beliefs and superstitions? The answer is simple: to trust only in kind signs. It is possible even to think up several signs, for example, to spill coffee - to a new thing, to break glass - to change in life.

all on the contrary will be

I let: only the black cat is also not lucky!