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How to save electricity?

When the economic crisis around the world began, it is time to think that, most likely, it does not pass also you. Therefore it is urgently necessary to find the hidden opportunities of economy of the means on black day. Quite most part of our expenses is made every month by utilities.

However exactly here it is possible to save rather large sum, especially on the electric power, just carrying out simple councils .

If you in kitchen have an electric stove, then it is worth using ware (pans, frying pans and so on) with a diameter of the bottom equal to diameter of a ring of an electric stove. It becomes for economy of the electric power as when using ware with smaller, than at a ring, diameter a lot of energy vanishes in vain.

Pay attention to a bottom of the ware for cooking. If at the bottom there are roughnesses, then it is better to replace ware, the same needs to be done also with a ring if on it there are deformations. It becomes to save the electric power (the pan with an uneven bottom wastes up to 50% of energy).

Switch off electric rings before the food is finally ready as the warmed rings contain a lot of residual heat that will allow a dish to reach readiness finally.

When using of an electrooven, try to fill it most effectively, completely. As for once you will prepare several fine dishes that will allow you to save quite decent sum on the electric power.

For preparation of small portions use a pressure cooker. It will allow to save not only time, but also energy. And we already do not even remember what this household appliance intends for.

Try not to use plate rings as a heater. It is simply inefficient, expensive and dangerous.

It is worth using energy saving lamps with individual svetoregulyator, only not the Chinese production: they will not save to you ruble. More likely, on the contrary, you will incur considerable monetary expenditure. It cannot be well cheap therefore buy energy saving lamps of the known companies.

Try, as long as possible not to include electric lighting, completely using a sunlight. Of course, you should not sit in the twilight, spoiling the eyes, but try to include lighting a bit later, than was earlier and to go to bed slightly earlier. And you are convinced how many the electric power will be possible to keep within at least month of such economy. Well also turn off the light leaving the room.

The refrigerator is installed far from heating devices, leaving a gap between a back wall and a wall of the room in 5 - 10 cm. Try to make so that it did not get under action of direct sunshine. Well also do not put hot food in the refrigerator. All these measures allow it to keep better cold, so to join less, supporting the set temperature condition and thereof to save the electric power.

Upon purchase of household appliances it is worth paying attention to its class of energy saving: on energy efficiency she is a class A, B, C, D. Here it is worth understanding that the energy saving class (it is written usually on the label going with this equipment) is especially important for that equipment which will work round the clock. For example, refrigerators. If you want to save on operation of these devices, then buy class A devices, but consider that they are more expensive. Though, in principle, and our refrigerators let out not below the class B.

Now warm doors and windows, and establish houses plastic or wooden windows with double-glazed windows even better. The last option is even more preferable as helps to save on conditioning.

At power surges in a network it is worth thinking of acquisition of the stabilizer. It will allow you to keep your household appliances as it should be and to do without repair which otherwise will cost you in the much bigger sum, than that which you pay for this stabilizer of current.

For what to spend less the electric power for water heating, for example, of a teapot buy the remarkable device - thermosweat. This device, simply a thermos with heating, allows to have constantly hot water of the necessary temperature, using an electric power minimum. However do not buy thermosweat of the Chinese production. It is better to spend a little more and to buy normally working device of well-known company which will quickly return you your costs of its acquisition.

Ways to keep the electric power weight and about all to tell, of course, it is simply unreal. However observance at least these gives very essential economy that it is so important not only during world financial crisis.