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What can be more amusing than children? Part 3

22. Room about ten minutes ago svezhevybelena. Valera approaches the father, takes him by hand:

The Father, we go to write.

As far as growth allowed all walls were scrawled by coal.

23. At warm summer night we with the girlfriend and my little daughter sat on a bench. On the yard the neighbour`s cat rushed about. The daughter with a fright: If you Look, then you look, bulbs run!

24. Dreams: here I will become the adult - I will become one sausage is. Puts on airs: I behaved on today - to the adult, ate sausage without bread.

25. We have a rest in the wood, in tent. Having found presence of glowworms, asks:

And who in the wood of a garland hangs out it?

Summer Father Frost?

26. I make to the grandson at his request of rag dolls. It is a lot of.

Work goes quickly: time a tie - a banner is a head, other peretyazhechka - a waist.

the Grandson calls them friends and does not carp at quality.

Once: enough! Make to me the living friend now.

27. Shred one and a half years. He does not identify himself with a male yet. Speaks about himself it. And today it is even more amusing. Is indignant: Shreds bad, bad .


Appears, turned on the TV in a network.

28. Familiar with pathos speaks about the husband:

He is such polyglot! Such polyglot! we Are surprised to

, it also is at odds with Russian.

is Politely specified.

Appears, he reads much.

my grandson who is Present at the same time explains: Well, he just swallows of books as a moustached crocodile of toads

29 Fluently read the poster: Maria - Mirabella . I speak to the daughter: Collect the Shred quicker. Charming movie Maria - Mirabella . In cash desk tickets refused to sell. (It appears, I incorrectly read).

Well you, unless such kid can look Maria - Magdalene ? Yes he also will understand nothing.

Tried to persuade the grandson: It is the movie for adults. Let`s go next time.

of Shreds to roar: I will understand everything.

Were given also the cashier, and I.

A of Shreds during a session threw me more than once into confusion exclamations; And I understand everything!

30. The daughter went to school, tolerably reading.

came from occupations shining On the First of September:

Mother, and we learned the letter and !

31. We with the daughter in the theater foyer. The admirer stuck: The Girl, tell mother that to me treated heart.

Ya is revolted: Would Feel ashamed of the child .

Daughter to me: It has to be a shame to you. You are a doctor and has to treat patients, but not be lazy.

32. The employee came. The collective charged to us to make the menu to the chief`s anniversary. We discuss

with it: I like it, and me.... it. Nearby the daughter turns.

We in a working flat out and we do not pay attention to it.

the Daughter is offended:

To Children, too, which - that ice cream and candies is pleasant, for example.

34. At Svetlank`s grandmother always in the center of attention, but today guests and it not to whims of the granddaughter.

Having despaired to draw attention of the grandmother, Svetka told: The Grandmother, your fly flies.

ignored the Remark.

Then granddaughter vindictively:

The Woman, you have so many flies that they lack the place and the fly sits down on a fly.

35. Uslykhal: The Frost removed patterns on glass.

Is touched. What good Fathers Frost: and gifts on sledge bring, and on flying carpets arrive to decorate windows.

36. I read the tale of the dead tsarevna and seven athletes.... and the queen at a window sat down to wait its one......... Only sees the blizzard curls, snow falls on fields... Comments: Of course, sits at a window in the winter and waits. The queen in valenoks will not go.

A at a window will not sit in the summer. It is possible and to run about barefoot in the summer.

37. In the tram. I hold the grandson on hands, I punch the coupon. Lasts: And I!

It is impossible - I answer. -

the Controller will think that the old ticket and will fine us.

Here will enter people, ask to punch a talonchik.

Nobody enters.

Then it to group of the young people standing nearby with hope: And you have a ticket?

No! - laugh loudly. (go hares).

Is offended. Speaks ominously:

And it is even worse, than old.

Oh as oshtrafuuut! .