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Who celebrates the Day of Aeroflot?

Annually every second Sunday of February Russia celebrates the Day of Aeroflot. Significant date became in 1979 when the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR officially established this holiday.

It is considered to be present birthday of merchant air fleet of Russia on February 9, 1923 when Council of Work and Defense adopted the resolution About the organization of Council for civil aviation and About assignment of technical supervision of air-lines on Head department of air fleet . And therefore day is considered also birthday of civil aviation of Russia in general.

In present, 2009 Day of Aeroflot dropped out for February 8. Aeroflot is the leader of civil aviation of Russia today. As national air carrier the company transports 7 million people a year, and together with subsidiaries - 9 million. what is made by a quarter of total of transportations of all air transport of Russia.

Under the authority of the company - 51% of all market of the international air transportation, it carries out own flights to 47 countries of the world (93 cities). Already about forty years Russia is a part of International Civil Aviation Organization (IKAO). Now the airline is called JSC Aeroflot-Russian Airlines ; this name was accepted by shareholders at the general annual meeting in June, 2000, having decided that it most precisely reflects the status and a profile of a national aviation carrier of the Russian Federation.

Of course, it is simply impossible to present Russia without aircraft and Aeroflot. And therefore Day of Aeroflot is not only professional holiday pilots, navigators, cashiers, dispatchers and commanders the flight engineers, stewardesses similar article on princesses . not only day of all staff of the Russian airlines, employees of the airports in the different cities of the country and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. It also a holiday for all passengers, safety and convenience of flights to which the numerous army of staff of Aeroflot provides.

The passengers using services of civil aviation also do not suspect how becomes service personnel for their tranquility and pleasant pastime in flight much. A task of stewardesses and stewards - to care for each passenger without exception. And for this purpose, it appears, they when landing have to make mentally serious classification of all of the passengers accepted aboard All passengers are divided into groups: for example, is such as the passenger who needs the additional help or the passenger with children and also passenger, suspicious, or inclined to aggression,

In the latter case the defining role is played by behavior and temperament of the person, his look. Such people should be known by name. At school of stewards there is a subject professional psychology where important point is training in methods of prevention and a stop of development of the conflict.

The main thing is at once to accept criticism of the indignant passenger that in most cases right there facilitates to it soul and extinguishes the conflict that is called on a root. In case of need to the passenger call the senior steward; and in special cases in salon invite... most the captain of the air ship, and that, having listened, has to submissively to undertake all responsibility and offense of the dissatisfied guest.

The passenger for airline, as well as the buyer, - it is always right he pays money, and the crew is obliged to fulfill them honestly. Ability to behave and skill of the correct behavior in conflict situations are very important for the steward. Besides, the stewardess or the steward have to be able to create a positive psychological spirit and to themselves before flight.

In Sheremetyevo, at the Moscow School of stewards, for example, train in special formulas which should be pronounced mentally, inspiring: I feel well, I look good, I love the profession, I love people, with me everything will be good .

The great attention is required by passengers the VIP - and business - a class. They eat a little and often refuse lunches in which products were frozen. To stewards, to conform to requirements of representatives of these groups, it is necessary to end additional courses of waiters and headwaiters.

A considerable role in work is played by knowledge of English and other foreign languages. For promotion it is important point. Besides, stewards are trained on special trainings in a fast assessment of critical situations and adoption of necessary effective decisions and actions.

On special educational bases which are almost at all airports future stewards work, for example, the behavior in case of a plane crash over the sea. Training is provided over the special pool. And in the smoke-filled salon of a training aircraft there is a training in search of a source of ignition. There are even exercise machines training to acceptance of childbirth onboard. At lessons of behavior and ethics of girls train in special gait where as well as at lessons in model agencies, it is required to go beautifully - the back is direct, shoulders " back; but the movement of hips in this case should not be sexual.

There are also lessons of the plane device which, of course, it is more to liking to young men. Almost all large airlines have similar schools, having disaccustomed in which young specialists in literal sense scatter in different directions on places of the work. Specifics of work in air flights generate a set of traditions as almost all, working in aircraft are very superstitious. For example, there is a tradition that the first of crew of stewards the man has to climb a ladder. Before flight it is impossible to be photographed, sew buttons, it is impossible to praise weather and it is impossible to think of return time at all.

Schools - agencies on training of stewardesses and stewards for new Russian airlines and business - aircraft constantly take students for training of a profession of the steward. Requirements to young people, not indifferent to the sky, - only pleasant appearance and average height. The steward business - aircraft is both service, and the luxury pleasant atmosphere aboard, and the authorized representative capable to execute the most different instructions during travel, both the translator, and even the personal secretary or the nurse for children of passengers!

Having the higher education - from psychologists to designers, all stewardesses and stewards, except performance of the direct professional duties, can also brighten up leisure of passengers pleasant and interesting conversation.

So let flight weather always accompanies also those who send planes to flight, and that who steers them, and us - passengers!

All employees of Aeroflot - congratulations!