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How to make " pie; Rich man, poor ?

This pie borrowed the name the famous novel of Earvin Shaw absolutely not incidentally.

It can be prepared and on weekdays, and on holidays, pie from the " series; Always successful . The most important - never bothers. Democratic dish of equality. Excellent taste and mass of options.

Bake it and in hard times when to a salary week, and in fat days when there is a wish for some variety. He does not demand special expenses - neither on ingredients, nor on time.

The recipe is simple. Preparation of the test of this pie requires 100 g of oil or margarine, a glass of sugar, one egg, 3/4 glasses of strong tea leaves of tea, on a half of a teaspoon of salt and soda and flour. Flour needs to be poured out it is very dosed. Of course, as always, surely before the use it is necessary to sift it, better two times. So it will become impregnated with oxygen and will give splendor and tenderness to pie. Mookie needs so much that dough on a consistence was slightly more dense, than on fritters.

And here further - the most interesting. It is possible to put any stuffing in this pie, even meat. Only then the amount of sugar in the test needs to be cut by half.

Cottage cheese, fried mushrooms, onions, boiled egg, liver, shrimps, any pieces of fruit, jam, fruit jelly, cheese, any vegetables The list can be continued infinitely. If to implicate these ingredients in pie, some kind of baked pudding will turn out. If to divide dough into two equal parts and a stuffing to spread between them - this pie will bear the proud name Bulk .

It is possible to arrive in a different way. To add several spoons of fat sour cream to one part (it will be necessary to add also flour!) in another - a cocoa powder tablespoon. Such cake layers separately are baked and pie already " is called; Day and night . It once was my first experience of baking of pies Favourite taste of the childhood.

It is possible to dream up and mix poppy or powder of cinnamon, vanillin or coconut flakes with the test. To divide dough into two cake layers and to bake them separately with different additives, then to connect any cream or jam.

Cake layers quickly enough - 20 - 30 are concerned minutes at a temperature of 150 - 180 degrees. Surely grease formupered with pastries and then pull out it on a wet towel - pie after cools down, itself will jump out on a dish for ornament.

It is possible to bake only one cake layer from all test and just to strew with icing sugar. Even in this everyday option it is possible to decorate pie differently. For example, previously having cut out from a pure sheet of paper of an asterisk or the sun (any picture on your taste), to impose it on the middle of the cooled-down pie, around to sift through a small strainer for tea icing sugar. To clean a cliche - the beautiful picture - both ornament, and creativity will turn out. Jam and condensed milk can help with registration of home-made pie too. Dream!

Admit to nobody that the recipe at all these pies one. Let it will be your small secret.

As you can see, at this pie an extraordinary raznovariantnost of execution. The main thing - to approach this business with soul, with huge desire to prepare pass - shedevrik and to transmit energy of health and love through this food. Bon appetit!