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Where to find the love? On the " teleproject; House 2 ?

Who wants to construct the love - come to the " teleproject; House 2 ! - so simply and in too time advertizing on the Russian TNT channel invitingly sounds. Everyone can take part in a reality - show if are not burdened with a family and children, on the project it has to is necessary to build love, so heart to be free.

of the Rule of the game

the Essence of game is happy with

is simple: young men and girls come to the project, meet, communicate, try to be pleasant each other, form loving couples. The wedding of two happy hearts has to be a result. All life of participants of the project passes under fixed attention of video cameras and TV viewers. But the program goes not on the air, and to records, editors choose the most interesting moments of life of children and transfer them to the screen.

The teleproject from simple game turned long ago into a way of life of people who take part in the program which create it and which watch it. And such people millions what high popularity of the program testifies to. Than so clings this project? Why at it there are a lot of admirers and opponents?

by What is interesting to show to TV viewers

House 2 - it is a reality - show, and the purpose of any show - to entertain the audience. The program gives the chance to people to distract from the problems, having switched the attention to problems of participants. It was always interesting to people to spy upon others life, the project just gives such chance. It is possible to observe the relations between the man and the woman, the friendly relations, to learn to distinguish the real feelings from affected, and also intrigues, scandals, sensational recognitions of participants - all this warms up attention of TV viewers.

It should be noted charismatic persons of leaders Ksenia Sobchak and Ksyusha Borodina who from the first day keep the program and have many admirers, thereby drawing attention to game. Leaders always in the center of events on the teleproject, sometimes they join in game too, for example, when Ksyusha Borodina built love with Stas Karimov. As everything began

From July 1 to November 2, 2003 went on TNT a reality - the show House . Participants built the house which had to become a prize to winners - the best married couple of the project, the house is a family, heat of a home, friendship, love.

The project in its present style (under the slogan Construct love ) started on May 11, 2004. It was supposed that construction of the house will help participants to adjust mutual understanding with each other, to construct the friendly and love relations. The first participants experienced real vital difficulties: it was cold, hungry, uncomfortable as life was not adjusted, but the relations between children developed very dynamically. Every day was as life on a volcano both it is difficult, and it is interesting. Former participants were more charismatic, creative, but the same people begin to bother the audience therefore by rules of the project the players were constantly changed. Today from the first participants of the program there was only Stepan Menshchikov.

It was planned that the project will last four months, but everything dragged on for years. When one house was built, decided to build the second, then the third, then a stable, the pool, arbors - the whole architectural complex under the name " was formed; House of love . Within 10 seasons of show of the rule and living conditions changed under the influence of time, admirers and opponents. Invariable was only a slogan of the program: Construct the love !

The project exists nearly five years, during this time more than two hundred people took part in the program. The program is included in the book of records of Russia as the most long by a reality - show on the Russian television. What attracts with the project of young people who want to take part in it?

with What a TV show attracts participants

In - the first, it is an opportunity to become famous, show the talents. Participants of the program still go on tour over the country, arrange concert programs, thus earning glory and money. Now on the project children began to unite in musical collectives. The " group was so formed; Istrinsky witches which part three participants of the project - Lena Bushina, Natasha Varvina and Sasha Kharitonova are.

In - the second, an opportunity to find good work on television. Olya Buzova this year became the third leader Houses 2 . Vika Bonya, the former participant of the project, keeps the " program on television; It is cosmopolitan . Their examples inspire children to come to the project to achieve glory and success. The project helps many creative persons to open the talents. It is big plus to the program.

Others come just from curiosity, to prove to be and to look at others. Such people usually long do not linger on the project.

Well and of course, children who dream to find the love come, to establish a family and to give birth to children, however, on the project business did not reach the child`s birth yet.

Why a lot of criticism

needs to bring up Now a question of why at the project there are a lot of opponents and a lot of criticism is distributed to the program. There show life of people, but not all can be paraded. There is a certain ethical side which cannot be passed. It is about frank scenes from intimate life of children. The use by children of obscene language does not paint participants and the program too. Sometimes show scenes of aggressive behavior and a fight of children - it stirs interest of one TV viewers and causes a negative in others.

At children on the project lately partners - today one, tomorrow another very often change. The love relations have short-term character. The younger generation of people which watches a TV show learns to build the relations on their example. But availability and illegibility in communications - not the best example for youth. For all existence of game six weddings were celebrated and one child was born, other couples break up, are created again. The fact that many people interfere with the relations of children only disturbs, but does not help to build love. It is program minus.

of Show has to proceed

of the Reality - the show House 2 - the child of the time also reflects the level of culture of the family and friendly relations of people, projecting them on the TV screen. The television is a specular reflection of our life. What people, such and programs. Many are concerned by a question: when the program is closed? At a reality - the show House 2 high ratings, therefore show has to continue as great Freddie Mercury sang.