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Children`s bathing suits and swimming trunks. What to choose?

to buy a kidswear for bathing Now - not a problem. It is presented in shops in all the variety all the year round. For girls conjoint and separate bathing suits are offered. Boys have a choice too. For them classical swimming trunks, swimming trunks - shorts and the extended swimming shorts are on sale.

We will consider types of bathing clothes in more detail.

Bathing suits

As is already written to

above, bathing suits for girls happen conjoint and separate .

Conjoint bathing suits, in turn, are divided into beach and sports .

Beach models distinguish very colourful coloring, courageous combinations of flowers, various jewelry (beads, pastes, thingies, bows etc.) . Babies will like bathing suits with the applications representing fairy tale characters or heroes of animated films. Very actually small kupalnichka with stripes from plastic cockleshells or small fishes look.

Sports bathing suits are intended for occupations in the pool therefore they are usually stood in more strict and classical style. On sports models you will not find any jewelry. If the girl seriously does swimming, then and she has to have the corresponding bathing suit: convenient, strong, capable to resist to harmful effects of chlorine. Exist special chlorosteady bathing suits which part of fabric is polibutilentereftalat (it is marked as RVT), but are not present an elastane. At active occupations in the pool at the bathing suits which are not intended for this purpose armholes of legs and a shoulder strap often stretch. And RVT does fabric steady against harmful effects of chloric water.

At the choice of a conjoint bathing suit pay attention to style of shoulder straps . If you need a bathing suit not for one season, buy model with the tied shoulder straps. It can be regulated on growth. But if you want that it was convenient to your girl to float and frolic in water, then it will be more preferable to choose a bathing suit with the crossing shoulder straps (they will not fall down from shoulders).

One more important characteristic of a conjoint bathing suit is openness of a back . In one models the back is closed, in others - is open half, and in some - is open completely. If it is supposed to buy a bathing suit for games and pleskaniye in open reservoirs, then it is better to choose model with an open back. Such bathing suit dries quicker, and will not be cold to the baby at an exit from water and hot ashore.

Important plus of conjoint bathing suits is that yours Little Mermaid will not lose in " water; top or bottom even during very active games.

Separate bathing suits usually consist of two details: a bodice with shorts ( of bikini ) or a top - an undershirt with shorts ( of a tankina ). If in addition is included in the package short pareo or the small elastic short skirt (and sometimes and shorts), such swimwear is called of a trikina .

The separate bathing suit has the pluses:

- from it the girl will grow up not so quickly, as from conjoint;

- separate models of bathing suits dry quicker;

- tankin are very convenient for girls - they sit as poured, without giving an inconvenience to the hostess (are not displaced and are not overwound);

- trikin creates a scope for the imagination. The girl can constantly change the image that happens very fascinatingly for the little woman of fashion.

of Melting

of Melting and melting - shorts should not be close. It is more preferable that the back part of swimming trunks completely closed buttocks, and the gusset was rather wide. The elastic band of any kind of swimming trunks has to be duplicated by the dragging-on cord or ties. It is necessary in order that boys during water fights and divings were not left without important part of the clothes.

Coloring of children`s swimming trunks are more various, than colors of man`s bathing accessories. Along with monophonic shades on sale bright swimming trunks with stuffed drawings of boyish subject, with prints based on animated films are presented.

On boyish swimming trunks there can be also jewelry. For example, it is often possible to see a charm in the form of a delfinchik, the Jolly Roger, an octopus or a starfish. On a belt - imitation of a belt or a lacing. At some models there is a small pocket for treasures .

Swimming shorts - Bermuda shorts differ in a free cut, existence of pockets and length to knees. Most often such shorts sew from 100% of polyester. This material is practically not rumpled, does not burn out on the sun, quickly dries. That wet shorts did not stick to legs, the mesh lining is provided inside. Swimming shorts let out for children of a year and are more senior.

Not to make the wrong choice of a bathing suit or swimming trunks for the child, it is necessary to consider his character, activity and preferences. The bathing clothes have to be not only convenient, but also be pleasant to the owner or the owner.