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How quickly to turn the Cinderella into the magic fairy?

In other days even the most diligent and sedate women of collective show special concern and nervousness by the end of work.

Most likely, in their ladies` handbags lie theater tickets, and the working day, as ill luck would have it, was given such intense!! But, thank God, and it is already close to

to the end. Half an hour more; the coat in an armful - and to dash away! Fast under a shower to change clothes, wave a sponge, to make up sponges and forward!

But as minutes hang heavy! Well, nothing until internally relax, remove stress, be prepared for

to a holiday.

And here... urgently it were required to the mean chief as it seemed to him, absolutely necessary documents! You eventually, from office escaped, but... in such uncombed feelings, internally oshchetinenny, and a round!! It is difficult to imagine such horror! In a mirror it is terrible to look! Here it will be required to make toilet in the afternoon - and time - less than nothing.

But do not fall into despair; I will tell you as simple, consecutive actions quickly to return myself good mood and beauty.

Without panic! Time, of course, just barely enough, but which - that can be made and at work, naturally, without drawing attention of the choosy chief to these

manipulations. Conscience at the same time should not torment you as these exercises

will increase energy, therefore, and labor return will increase.

Massage of fingers of hands: to promassirovat each finger from the basis to a tip the pounding movements of index and big fingers.

the Contrast shower for hands tones up as much as the general, for all body. Hands warm up at first hot water, then alternate hot - cold not less than three times, finishing procedure with cold water.

is Toned up also by a cup of green tea. The cooled bags of tea can be imposed on the closed eyelids and, having leaned back in a chair, to relax. It is enough five minutes for removal of fatigue of eyes.

Effect strengthens reception to a shiats: moderate force pressing by small pillows of fingers on points on the top and lower edges of eye-sockets

Well encourages also massage of auricles. It gives a good shake-up to all organism. Drip a little mint oil (a flakonchik with it it is always useful to have at itself) on small pillows of fingers and the easy fast movements rub ears, paying special attention to lobes.

And let does not disturb you that they will redden. It will pass soon, and you will be vigorous and cheerful during the whole evening.

Perhaps, we squeezed out everything of working hours.

The rest - houses. Now the account will go for minutes the correct organization is Very important.

First of all in a shower. You wash away cosmetics, dirt, sweat, fatigue.

of Souls, of course, contrast. Alternation of temperatures not less than 3 - 4 times, a cold stream finish ablution. You strengthen effect use of the toning gel. You substitute under streams and the head, you wash hair with shampoo, well you wash out flowing water and you rinse with the divorced

lemon juice you Mass head skin. You drain a body a soft towel. Slightly you dry hair the hair dryer.

you Put nutritious cream on a face and a neck, you drive in it with finger-tips, you wind hair on hair curlers. During these procedures you are trampled down on a massage rug, being in addition loaded with energy. you Prepare for

a magic mask which will smooth wrinkles and will make more accurate a face form. To mix a honey teaspoon, the beaten egg white and two teaspoons of flour. To impose the received weight on previously cleared face skin. 10 minutes to lie down quietly, blindly, then carefully to wash away a mask. After such mask skin will look gentle and well rested.

To add a little lavender or mint oil to warm water, to moisten a towel in this water, to slightly wring out, cover the person and to breathe deeply

On the closed eyelids of a polozhitsalfetka with polished potatoes It will remove puffiness and redness of eyes. 10 minutes later compresses to remove and wipe eyelids and a face with an ice cube. To impose nutritious cream on eyelids and on skin around eyes, to hammer with finger-tips it into skin.

There came the make-up turn. Quickly and evenly apply foundation and distribute it on all surface of the person and neck. Shadows under eyes, separate spots hide by means of a camouflage pencil.

Draw accurately thin and exact line a liquid eyeliner, make up eyelashes.

of the Lip will look more juicy if you carry out on them both around by a cube of ice and at once will make up them, previously having led round a contour of lips a special pencil Tone of lipstick has to be brighter than usual.

Finally dry the hair dryer hair. Remove hair curlers. Put on. Comb hair, be engaged in a hairdress.

Grease feet with the calming cream, wait so far cream will be absorbed. Put shoes on.

Remove an old varnish. File and grind nails. Cover them with a fresh varnish.

Last stroke: apply a drop of favourite spirits on an internal surface of a wrist. Check

whether you forgot tickets, money, keys. Captiously consider yourself in a mirror. It seems to me, you are happy with the reflection.

And still not to turn the Cinderella for one evening into the magic fairy, be not at the Cinderella of a good habit periodically to clean plumelets . In one day not to peel the died-off cells of skin, not to remove a callosity and a natoptysha, not to heal an attrition, not to make velvet the handle.

You are dazzling and have the right to be proud of the work.