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How to keep vitamins and to avoid avitaminosis?

U you sleeplessness? You are constantly angry and at all there is no appetite? You feel that you lose flesh? You are tormented by back pains and muscular spasms? These are the first symptoms of the fact that you do not have enough vitamins, that is you are threatened by avitaminosis.

If you felt some symptoms that are listed above, think what became the reason of your unsatisfactory state. Insufficiently good food is considered one of the first reasons. Now some part of our population experiences shortage of financial means and is not able to afford a good full-fledged table. Though many specially go for starvation, for example, go on a diet for weight loss.

Irregular meals or defective food can lead to the fact that at the person decrease in functionality of immune system will begin. And as a result of it any infection becomes the real threat. There can be problems with a stomach and other various organic defeats. From - for insufficient and improper feeding our organism begins to be exhausted, and exhaustion can lead to a lethal outcome.

It is necessary to remember that various food is necessary for prevention of avitaminosis. And the speech goes not only about fruit and vegetables now. In your diet there have to be products and an animal origin as many necessary vitamins contain only in meat, fish. On your table always there have to be fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, and also milk, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs etc. of

Vitamin A heart (veal), spinach contains in vegetable marrows, a liver (pork, veal).

Vitamin D - in a tuna, a sardine, brains (beef), a salmon.

Vitamin E - in peanuts, a liver.

B1 Vitamin - in beer yeast, kidneys (pork), peanuts.

B2 Vitamin - in a liver (beef), kidneys (beef), pork.

Vitamin C - in oranges, grapefruit, Brussels sprout, a sea-buckthorn and blackcurrant.

Not to feel need for vitamins and mineral substances, it is necessary not only to eat properly, but also to observe the meal mode. Try to prepare. The fresh hot food is much more useful than the preserved or in advance prepared products. Refuse ready-made products of food, for example, from the frozen cutlets, pancakes which lie several months in your refrigerator.

Besides deliver to yourself in a duty to have breakfast, to have dinner fully, but not to be content with having a snack, and to have supper leaky. For breakfast it is recommended to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice which not only will fill a reserve of vitamins, but also will load with energy and good mood. The lunch has to be surely from the first, second and third course. For dinner prepare something easy before going to bed not to load a stomach.

If you the vegetarian, then in your food is not enough those vitamins which contain only in meat products. Go to a drugstore and buy " vitamins; in packing and at once begin to accept them. The popular belief that it is more preferable vitamins of a natural origin as they quickly and most effectively help an organism to restore a cellular metabolism, is more useful to health and besides are absolutely safe as do not cause accustoming. Druggists know that they are useful both vitamins of a natural origin, and synthetic. Anyway, before beginning to accept vitamins and food additives, it is necessary to consult to the attending physician and to find out whether there are no contraindications.

So to lead full-fledged life and not to have problems with health, you monitor the food. Do not forget about prevention. Protect the relatives, indulge them the culinary masterpieces, but not semi-finished products.