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How many people know us?

we Will take, for example the person at the age of 35 - 45.

If to reflect and consider a little, then turns out such arithmetics.

School: thirty - forty! Schoolmates. Teachers.

Perhaps, still the yard or the second school, or some hobbies out of school - the person five.

Further education. Or army. Fellow students, acquaintances, friends. Still the person ten - twenty.

Work and hobbies. It is difficult to classify. But, somewhere on average: five - ten people.

Family. It is a minimum of people ten - fifteen. Parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, spouses and their relatives, brothers and sisters, children and grandsons.

Friends of the family. Too the person five - ten. Together with spouses and their acquaintances.

Well and just on life still of people ten will be gathered. But it with great reserve.

What result.

From eighty to hundred twenty people. An approximate minimum - fifty people. Possible maximum - hundred fifty.

Is natural provided that all these people if you meet them or call them - recognize you. At least on a surname and a name.

It is so-called near circle each of us.

Is surprising. From a half, in the most modest calculation, and to a third on average - it turns out that people from our childhood are a basis of our near circle.

Who else?

goes disorder and swaying Further. Someone goes along such vital road that the circle of people who know it - grows up immeasurably. Almost all - know actors, the majority - know the people who are engaged in public work, and just many people know you if you possess some feature or own something. But this option - as an extreme, we will not count, probability theory - not for average minds. Let`s reject also options when we become reserved or just we avoid society. Then we are forgotten quickly enough also by the best friends.

We will take, something between two extremes especially as it will be a real picture - the real majority, in this life.

And again we will address school. It is quite possible that our school friends are schoolmates, not all, of course, and the closest, - remained our friends for the rest of life. And the class rest - not the closest friends, recognize you at once, even in 20 - 25 years too. If, of course, at school something connected you and not for one day. Certainly, the choice of partners in life for our far (on time, and it is possible also on distance) school friends, will be partially caused by both those qualities, and those characteristics which were appreciated by all of us at school. Therefore - probability that will tell about you to the wives or husbands and will even show the photo, - it is very big. Almost for certain.

Also it is possible to tell with sufficient confidence that al least a half near circle each of our close friends, from there - from the childhood, knows us too. Somehow the speech came, either touched photos, or the case was remembered. For certain, everyone endured such situation that on the TV or in the newspaper, the surname will sound - and someone will tell: - whether it is that we Continue by


Five - ten relatives schoolmates and their half near circle everyone. It turns out, al least hundred twenty five people.

Is correct. We check on the calculator. Hundred twenty five people.

I if you suddenly, years through 10 - 15 call or will write to any of the five friends from school - that learns about you almost all near circle your schoolmates. It will be an event. And will tell about it: - yes, we here studied at school we can Safely round

to two hundred people.

According to the same scheme we count two - three close friends from after-school life .

Is received - hundred more people. Total. We put everything.

Fifty - the near circle two hundred people - together with a near circle of schoolmates, and hundred - with near circle friends from after " school;.

Result - three hundred fifty people.

the Average village or the whole area in the small town of Europe.

Ooh! This we got.

on this arithmetics also build the calculations employees of all vertical marketing companies - MLM, type Herbalife, and all their followers. Means - the known share of reliability of our calculations is available. They build business on these calculations.

But it is possible to increase sharply this list, approximately to three thousand people. In principle. Someone does not need it, and someone will be interested in expansion of a circle of people close to it. As it to make

? we Will notice

that the main share in our sum (350) is schoolmates and them near circle . Therefore

Of course, all of us scattered on life. Different countries, even continents. Different living conditions and circumstances.

If we after school, did not lose touch between schoolmates, then many circumstances could be overcome simpler. It is natural that everyone builds the life at discretion. And itself tries to understand the arising situations. But we all the same ask somebody for the help. When really we need it.

And here, people who were known by not one year. Also knew - on the childhood. On the period when our souls and our vital foundations did not acquire yet all those protective properties which life obliges us to have. Just in the childhood we could not hide completely the true emotions, motives and qualities yet.

I all these qualities of everyone, they remained in the person, but just life forced us to adapt. Somewhere we suppressed the nobility. And were once forced to renounce the principles.

Main in it that the fact that we and about the schoolmates knew about ourselves at school it did not get to in these adult uncles and aunts anywhere. It all just is under for a short while circumstances and life situations.

Could break someone and stop being that school student in soul? Of course, could. We people all only. But not cars. But in the majority, all this there inside at everyone, where - that is.

And so. If all of us had such opportunity, to ask for the help the schoolmates when it was required. That and the help would come. And the result, perhaps, would be other.

Find all the schoolmates and establish with them constants (or just reliable) contacts. you receive

I about three thousand people, - which know you. Besides, these people will be close to you as friends, or as old friends and their close people.

And surely advise all graduates. To have and to constantly update contacts at each other. And in general to adjust some database of schoolmates. Certainly, such base - local, only for the use. But the fullest and actual database. Now, in the period of the Internet, it is absolutely simple to make it.

Because in it there is a huge potential. Look at

on figures, and read once again our reflections.