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Scopophilia. To whom to make the diagnosis?

- And from our window the pornstudio is visible!

- And from our window - only the nudist beach a little bit

According to dictionary definition, a scopophilia (from French vuar - to look) - a type of a sexual perversion - an inclination to looking at genitals or contemplation of the sexual intercourse made by other persons.

Well, so it also is. Perversion... Peeping - what can be more awful?

Pioneers of a scopophilia were extremely strongly punished for passion to peeping. The Genesis describes such case: once the Boor, one of sons of Nov, entered the tent where slept undressed and not covered with anything drunk Ache, and saw nakedness of the father . The become puzzled Boor left Nov as is, that is in the buff, and, having found for brothers, told about a fatherly embarrassment. Sim and Japheth took clothes and, having put it on the shoulders, went the back and covered nakedness of the father; the faces them were turned back, and they did not see nakedness of the father . Angered by not honoring of the father, Ache immediately damned descendants Hama therefore the innocent son Hama - Canaan suffered. And the name Boor became nominal.

There are both other historical and bible stories which are told how the scopophilia in any its manifestations was cruelly punished in former times. Whom in a stone, whom will turn into a deer

generally, all historical experience says that a scopophilia - it is bad, very bad.

However let`s look at the modern world and ourselves in it is mute from the point of view of belonging to voyeurs. And here that turns out. Or it is time to change formulations, or it is necessary to recognize obvious: today`s world is a one continuous scopophilia, and all of us are hopeless perverts.

Television? It is possible not to spend time for transfer of the channels and transfers representing paradise for peeping, it is enough to call House 2 Behind " glass; and Factory of stars . Comments are excessive, the diagnosis already is: in total to one audience of these transfers - voyeurs.

We go further. Press. What attract readers the majority even not thematic today with, and just magazines? Correctly! Celebrities and other stars on covers, in different types and with the different comments urging to buy this magazine and somewhat quicker to receive all these intimate particulars! Buying, we, anyway, show morbid curiosity to others affairs .

If to speak about pornofilms, then here by definition there is no place to Not voyeurs. And at times it reaches just grotesque sounding. For example, classical beginning of the movie: very young, extremely sexy maid watches in a keyhole how in library her strict madam and the visiting direct-sales representative has violent sex. At the same time the girl bites lips and shy fingers a uniform hem. For the maid, having started crying and actively masturbating, the silly guy, the cook`s son observes. Everyone separately and all combined is watched by a chamber which, in turn, we watch. Who are we now? Voyeurs cubed?

We go further? Internet? On this page there is no blinking window with a fragment of a young body and an appeal Press a navel and you will see this doll entirely! ? Is not present? It does not matter, will be on the following website.

I am silent about children whose quarter at preschool age has thirst for peeping.

It is possible to continue long because in any or almost any manifestations of public work there is a place to a scopophilia. And it is (place) long ago and it is densely occupied and has the developed audience.

And if I gather and I will confidentially ask you: and you never looked in the hole which is obligingly drilled between man`s and female public toilets? Or: and you never experienced excitement from supervision over others sexual intercourse from the screen? And you did not hide the house to steam of sex magazines? And you never clicked on the Internet any promising reference?

Do not take in head to answer positively at least on one of points! Otherwise - the diagnosis is guaranteed.

And meanwhile we have no deviations. Here when the scopophilia becomes the only way of departure of sexual requirements or at least the basic, then it is already possible to speak about deviations. Just since it was officially declared that sex in the Soviet Union is much and too a lot of things promptly turned over upside down and from white to black.

And here term scopophilia still lives not renamed and it is considered a type of a sexual perversion. Even the formulation is: suffers from a scopophilia . Whether suffers? Everything, everything, leaves, we suffer!