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Who and why stole from gods cows?

Alas, thefts are old as the world, and, appears, happen not only in the world of people, but also in heaven. In particular, the myth about kidnapping of cows at heavenly god was the general for many Indo-European people. Here, for example, in the Indian mythology the ancient narration according to which at Indra, god - the Thunderer, them " remained; stole the certain mysterious semi-divine people living in mountains.

According to the Ancient Greek myth, Hermes (who, by the way, in something is close to Slavic Velez / Hair) stole in the most impudent way Burenkas from solar god Apollo. And the radiant patron of arts before acceptance by ancient Greeks of its cult, quite perhaps, was a Thunderer, in any case, it was considered as the owner of arrows, - argument serious. However, the most important is the fact that Apollo - one of the Supreme gods personifying the Sky and its treasures.

At last, and the mentioned Velez did not shun unauthorized capture of what belonged to Perun - besides, to a gromovnik. However, in the latter case, along with representatives of cattle also goddesses - donators of various benefits are mentioned (Makosh, Dodola, the Moraine). But also cows are called too.

In what the temptation of such production for immortal naughty, frankly speaking, consisted? And the matter is that this animal - a symbol moreover what! Hindus have it and today is esteemed as a sacred animal. Also the myth according to which the cow to Kamadkhen granting any desires of the owner appeared from depths of the ancient ocean at its pakhtanye is still live, and this horned was one of the greatest treasures of the world.

By the way, to Kamadkhen and it is translated - cow of desires but call it and in a different way - Surabkhi that means smelling sweet . The wise man possessed a magic beast of speckled color - solve Vasishtkhe, and no attempts to deprive of him this jewelry (though by the same theft or a promise of big money, or military operations) were crowned with success.

Ancient Egyptians have a heavenly cow - the Sky embodiment. This is Hatkhor - a space deity, the foremother, the creator of all beings who unites the principles of creative and heroic love. It inspires the movement and revival of the Sun, end and change of cycles of life. According to the myth, in the morning she gives birth the sun, and in the evening he swallows. Already every day, you represent?

And at Scandinavians in inexpressibly old times was considered not subject to doubt that as a result of licking of salt stones the world cow by Audumla created the first god - Storms, the ancestor of inhabitants of heaven - experts from whom main thing esteemed One, god of the Sun.

In Rigvede the homeric epos and in Latin the cow udder means - that you thought? - abundance, fertility, etc. And if to remember the Russian national fairy tale about the orphan a poor Bittock Havroshechka who was slighted by the cruel stepmother then and there the korovushka replaces with it mother, wonderfully helps, in literal sense - without sparing the stomach, and leads - to happy destiny. Whether this confirmation of favorable symbolism of an image?!

In a word, gods want wellbeing and abundance more too the fact that they have. And for this purpose they need cows! Joke, of course. But to what it is curious that the different people have the general mythological plot...