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What flower feels slyness? Mimosa!

Lovely delicate flower not only touchy person, but also big little coward: does not like to remain in the dark! Despite two of these circumstances the mimosa remains absolutely unpretentious creation! It blossoms in 2 - 3 after crops. For nearly two hundred years the mimosa won open spaces of Montenegro, hills of France, the city of Italy The naive branch with yellow buttons - the suns was fallen in love by much. Strange envoys of spring so please a look tired of gray winter icy colds and a blizzard of people that it simply was necessary to fall in love with them!

Therefore the full queen the mimosa fills with itself still cold streets, the markets, flower trays and even underground passages In Soviet period a mimosa branch, being a symbol On the Eighth of March, was traditional addition to box of chocolates or a bottle of perfume. There passed years, and the love to a mimosa did not pass. Everyone The Eighth of March she still occupies our houses on pleasure to female hearts.

Relieve the girlfriend of vital prose,

Buy a bouquet to it an ardent mimosa, Start up

it sees, let it knows,

That somewhere in the south the spring comes,

Which song joins souls,

I in a raznotsvetya will begin to whirl all of us soon.

A in France even the holiday - a mimosa Festival exists. In 1904 in the south of the country, in the province Pierre - Riesch, for the first time on hills mimosa flowers blossomed. For more than one hundred years the mimosa was widely adopted in France, in the spring its thickets covered many hills so plentifully that being among them get drunk with saturated aroma. Every year from the beginning of blossoming of a mimosa meaning the end of winter, France celebrates this holiday a flowers parade. Numerous processions of the vehicles decorated with mimosas pass across city streets with music, in the program of a holiday - a trade fair, the presentation Roads of a mimosa the choice of Ms. - Mimosas, parades, a masked ball.

The similar festival became tradition and in Montenegro. The main maintenance of a holiday is expectation of spring which harbingers for many and blossoming became dazzling - a yellow bush. But, kromety, this cultural action has great economic value: in slack season on the Montenegro coast the notable flow of tourists from neighboring countries is provided.

In whatever country you were, the spring - it is always time the sun, light and love. And a branch of a mimosa are hundreds of the small suns in your house, light ray on your face, the love droplet presented to you or you. A delicate and ardent flower with a note of romanticism and refinement. A mimosa - as tiny diamond ear rings: small and as decorate!

Let`s present from the heart each other a drop of the sun and love - a modest branch of a mimosa which so thinly feels slyness