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When there was the first sick-list and who thought up it?

on February 3, 1779, 230 years ago, in rather poor German family Holtsev was born the son who was named Gerold. The family was big, there were enough kids, and is frequent when mother left from the house on the affairs, Gerold pottered with brothers and little sisters. Possessing since the childhood a certain observation, Gerold constantly noticed how it is possible to calm the crying kid. Probably, this circumstance also served as the main thing in choice of profession - the Herald became a pediatrician.

To tell that very known, - you will not tell, such as it there were if not millions, then, at least, thousands. Lived in the American city of Boston, married, raised own children. And, probably, so also remained unknown if once to it one his old familiar patient whom he remembered still the child, with the sick little son did not welcome.

Heart its not a stone...

the Woman brought up the child herself and very much worried about the fact that with it it is advisable to sit a few weeks more until it finally gets stronger. But how her employer will look at it? Most likely, will not wait and will discharge from office.

In heart of kind doctor Holts there was a lot of sympathy. And therefore he offered the patient such combination: it as the doctor, writes the employer a note in which reports about an illness of his worker. Nobody will begin to doubt professionalism of the doctor, and thanks to this note the woman can spend few weeks with the sick child...

No sooner said than done! The employer did not begin to understand competence of the doctor - two-week leave was granted. The woman as could thanked the doctor. And after a while not children became constant visitor at it at all: persons interested to receive on freebie the indulgence about temporary disability it appeared much. The good-natured doctor at first wrote out everything for so but then thought that on it it is possible to make quite good money...

Give - take!

get used To the left earnings quickly. Soon the respectable doctor, to him it was already far for 60, decided to replace role. He was not only a pediatrician any more, and to a descent defined any diseases with the therapist`s an accuracy. However, for this superior intelligence it was also not required: was the weighty medical reference book with the description of diseases enough.

However not all was so smooth. Employers suspected wrong: if earlier compensatory holidays due to illness happened enough - seldom, at the suggestion of doctor Holts people became literally subject to various epidemics. It was necessary to fight against it somehow...

the Cooper with soul of the detective

On trouble a miracle - the doctor several months prior to the described events, moved the young cooper by the name of Alan Pinkerton to the USA. Once certain people bought from it big party of barrels, having paid off very generously, but subsequently it turned out that all to a uniform banknote were false. Pinkerton was threatened by ruin, and therefore he undertook to track down counterfeiters.

The case helped. Once Pinkerton went to the desert island of Lake Michigan in search of wood for barrels. And suddenly came across the smoldering campfire. Another would pass by, but Alan something forced to be late. It is rather a curiosity - who could burn down fires in such desert place? And suddenly his familiar counterfeiters?

The cooper hid in bushes, having organized an ambush. Neither the first, nor the second, nor the third led nights to anything. But once Alan heard familiar voices. It turned out that this island of a naduvala is used as the base. Here, without excess ears they could discuss the future swindles fearlessly. Everything ended for them it is deplorable: Alan brought the sheriff moreover and helped it to detain bandits...

So the detective glory of Pinkerton who soon became a sheriff began. But after quarrel with the authorities organized the first detective agency. The Boston employers also decided to address its help to expose kind doctor Holts. Pinkerton`s detectives should not have ingratiated big works with Gerold and to buy from him several false sick-lists .

to Execute it is impossible to pardon

Yes, not Holts dreamed of such glory. When he was on a dock in the Boston court and heard that the party of charge insists on the death penalty through hanging for indulgence to parasitism, failure to pay taxes and harmful initiative the poor creature the doctor nearly lost mind. And, as it seemed to the defendant, this option a joyful rumble was approved by all, gathered in court.

But Pinkerton who, by the way, was born for 40 years after Holts rose by protection of the old man suddenly and it suited him for grandsons. He explained that not thirst of a profit, but big love to people was the cornerstone of such behavior of the doctor. Yes, he deserves the prison term, but not the death penalty...

The bright speech was apprehended on hurrah . Doctors though did not justify, having appointed it imprisonment for a period of seven years, but also did not execute. However, for Gerold Holz it a little than helped. He did not go out of prison. Moreover, in the history there was no date of his death. In any case, I did not find it...

Members of labor union on a horse, the others - red...

A as for the sick-list, it appeared at first in East Prussia, then gradually occupied all Europe. And in Russia sick-lists paid from special fund. To a socialist revolution though about it not really - that was told in the Soviet literature.

Social insurance appeared in the USSR with the announcement of new economic policy, however, in those days there were two categories of people: members of labor union and the others. For members of labor union and payment were higher, and it is more privilege. And, the difference was significantly, members of labor union received twice more.

1937 remained in the history of the USSR not only as year of the beginning of mass repressions. Besides, on August 14 the All-Union Central Councils of Trade Unions and Narkomzdrav of the USSR approved the Instruction No. 1382 " signed in the last day of July; About an order of delivery insured sick-lists .

is very difficult to Forge

B it difficultly to believe, but it worked during 57 (!) years, and only twice insignificant changes were made to it. Those who lived in the USSR will not allow to tell lies - forms faintly - blue color on which they printed a disability leaf, in policlinics the great variety accumulated. And only since August 1, 2005 according to the order of the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation appearance of sick-lists changed. Now it is forms light-green color (a sea wave) on which new elements of protection against fakes appeared, as on banknotes.

In - the first, any correction made on such grid will turn into a muddy spot. In - the second, there is a microtext lasting thin strips across a leaf. In a magnifying glass it is possible to see alternation of words: Disability Leaf . And, at last, the name of the form and its number are printed with nonerasable goznakovsky paint everything began

A as we already know, with the usual leaf signed by kind doctor Gerold Holz