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How it is correct to pick up footwear to the kid?

to Pick up boots to the kid - a task serious, but quite feasible. At correct its performance you will insure the child from possible diseases of legs, the most widespread of which is flat-footedness.

Orthopedists and pediatricians are similar in opinion that the first real boots need to be bought when the baby well already stands on the feet, and it approximately since ten months. At earlier age the footwear is necessary only in order that legs were in heat. Means, knitted or fabric bootees, in the winter - warmed quite will approach. And here, when the kid goes, the footwear begins to play very important role. Good boots help to form children`s foot correctly. To choose useful footwear, it is necessary to be guided by the following hints.

In - the first, topics it is necessary to try on on a leg to the baby. on fitting can be estimated Only objectively whether the size and completeness of footwear approaches. So, in shop we put on the kid. A finger we check distance from edge of a boot to a leg thumb. Ideally the distance has to be 0,5 - 1 cm. Little children very quickly grow. In a month - another new both clothes, and footwear do not approach any more.

Many parents for economy buy boots, as they say, for growth . And it is impossible to do it categorically. The footwear not by the size negatively influences development of foot. It is very inconvenient to go in it too as the leg constantly slides in a boot. And in general, try to resemble in shoes which the size is two more, than it is necessary. The form of a sock of children`s footwear is of great importance. About sharp-nosed forget footwear at once. The best option - a high round sock. Ideally the child has to walk in the bought boots. On gait and behavior of the kid it will become visible at once, it is convenient to him or not.

In - the second, we take off boots, and also the child`s socks. If on legs remained red spots, so boots press and rub.

In - the third, we watch material from which the footwear is sewed. to the Leg of the kid as, however, and adults, it is necessary to breathe therefore boots have to be made of natural material. Perhaps, leather footwear - the best option from the point of view of hygiene and durability.

In - the fourth, the back of footwear has to be rather dense. It is better if it is slightly thicker, than other details of footwear. It will provide the strengthened protection of a leg and a good support.

In - the fifth, we consider a sole . It has to be soft not to hold down movements of the kid. Experts claim that the small heel, 5 - 7 mm, for children is obligatory too. It is also necessary to choose footwear with a corrugated sole. It does not slide, so, will not complicate already difficult first children`s steps.

In - the sixth, we will glance in inside. needs to be convinced that on internal part of a boot there are no folds and seams which can become the reason of wounds on children`s legs. On an insole surely there has to be an instep support which promotes normal formation of the arch of foot. Also look how inside fasteners are fixed: convex or caustic rivets can become the discomfort reason for kids.

Well, inakonets, grant to the baby an option. The baby will surely react to beautiful, convenient and qualitative boots with a wide smile, and it is possible, will not even want to remove new tops . And if purchase on a season do not refuse to it desire to go home from shop in new boots.